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    Discussion in 'Trinity' started by xzjv, Jan 26, 2016.

    1. xzjv

      xzjv Community Developer

      Mar 17, 2014
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      • Plugin doesn't show up in the plugins list.
      • I get a wall of text after starting DB with errors and warnings.

      A plugin is not being compiled properly by DemonBuddy. This most often occurs when a new version of the plugin is copied on top of an existing version. This can happen with DB's auto-updater. Files from different versions cannot be compiled together / mixed. If any files have changed name or been deleted between plugin versions this will occur.


      1. [*=1]Remove the old plugin folder completely from the DB\Plugins\
        [*=1]Install a new version of the plugin into DB\Plugins\

      • I am getting slow performance

      There are many factors that go into DB/Trinity performance. But let us know if you see a change for better or worse in performance between versions. Often when new features are added things will slow, until we do a pass at optimization. In this way we get more features and don't waste time over-optimizing when its not necessary.


      1. [*=1]Limit 'Max Foreground FPS' and 'Max Background FPS' in 'Video' diablo3 settings.
        [*=1]While you're in D3 settings, set all graphics settings to the minimum and enable Low FX.
        [*=1]In Trinity > Advanced, 'Ticks Per Second', enable it and set the slider for 'down low ~10. In many cases the bot 'thinks' way faster than it needs to, burning up CPU. This can be the difference between 10-15% CPU and 2-5%
        [*=1]While in Advanced settings, turn off all forms of logging. You'll need to have it turned on if you want to report a bug or issue but other than that, it eats up a lot of your performance.
        [*=1]In the same vein, in DB settings set the logging level to Info.
        [*=1]Shut down all other applications running that aren't necessary.
        [*=1]If you're using 'InnerSpace' - try not using it, there are reports of this causing lag.
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    2. TwoCigars

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      May 4, 2014
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      Before Reporting an Issue:

      Look for an answer first. It's the best way to get your question answered NOW.

      Use the Search function on the site here:

      Use Google Search, here is a link that will only search the DemonBuddy Forums:

      Again, the fastest way to get an answer is to find the answer that is already there. It may take a few tries, but some questions have been answered more than a dozen times.

      Provide sufficient details or your post may be ignored:

      A thread called "Please help" or "Combat not working"
      Containing message "Bot was working fine before, now it's not fighting in bounties. Please help"
      Result: Your thread will either be ignored, or you will be asked days later to provide more information, if you're lucky someone might look at your second message.

      Here are some examples of things to provide for a helpful response:
      • All Bot Information:
        • DemonBuddy version,
        • Trinity version,
          • All settings that you have changed from default,
        • Any other plugins being used and their version,
          • All settings that you have changed from default,
        • Profile that you are using,
        • Any external programs you are using [YAR or otherwise],
        • Attach a log file [How to Attach a Log File]
      • Character Information:
      • Class and Build
      • Are you using the correct skills and gear for that build? List any changes from the META build linked in the Trinity Menu.
      • Post a D3planner of your character to make this easier. It will only take a few minutes.
      • What is going wrong:
      • Where is the problem? Town, Act, Map, Bounty, Level, etc
      • Game mode?
      • What you want the bot to do; what is the bot doing
      • What skills are being cast right; which are cast improperly. How should this change
      • How often does the problem happen?
      • Have you been able to replicate it? What circumstances lead to it?
      • Use Visualizer when stuck if you can:
      • It's included with Trinity, it gives a large amount of specific information about what's going on and where
      • Taking a screenshot and posting it is the best way to post this information

      The more specific you can be, the more likely it is that we can help you solve your issue and possibly that same issue for others!

      Easiest FIX-ALL before posting about a bug report:

      Download a new copy of DemonBuddy:
      Download the Latest Trinity BETA:
      • Check the Stickies section here: DemonBuddy Forum > Plugins > Trinity
        • This is where you will find the latest "Stable BETA"
      • DemonBuddy DISCORD Channel
        • Check the #BUILDS channel on the left
        • This is where the most recent BETAs with changelogs will be
      • Use SVN to download the BETA directly
        • I am not going to explain using the SVN Here
      Perform a new, fresh install
      • Do not use any external programs [YAR, etc]
      • Do not install any other plugins
      • Do not change any settings in Trinity
      Test and see if you still have the same issue(s)
      If you still have the problem(s), post everything that you can in a thread or on DISCORD.
      If there is no issue, keep going:​

      Add your other plugins or programs one at a time, testing in between.

      • See if you can find the culprit. Post your findings in your report.

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