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Full Questing - All Acts - Complete

Discussion in 'Act 4' started by Tony, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Tony

    Tony "The Bee" Staff Member Moderator

    Jan 15, 2010
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    This is a special pack of questing profiles and my Act 1 and Act 5 farming profiles.

    These profiles are NOT 100% afkable. They're only 99% AFK able :D Strange stuff happens with Demonbuddy/Diablo 3 sometimes. Try your best!

    Completes all main quests. Only a few bonus/side quests are included. These profiles are not intended for MP10 ultra massive IPH legendary drop farming. Use dedicated farming profiles suited to your tastes for that.

    Required Plugins:
    • QuestTools (bundled with DB installer)
    • Trinity (bundled with DB installer)

    Follow these Instructions:
    • Download the latest Demonbuddy or Demonbuddy BETA
    • Download the Profiles zip.
    • Unzip the profiles into your Profiles directory
    • Run DemonBuddy
    • Choose the Trinity combat routine
    • Enable Plugins: QuestTools and Trinity
    • Load the "All Acts Relogger" profile. Hit Start button.

    For more information see the main thread for these questing profiles located here:

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