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  • [GatherUp] A mining/botany profile generator

    Discussion in 'Plugins' started by parrot, Nov 8, 2015.

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      Feb 5, 2012
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       * Fixed broken input controls in the hotspot edit form.
       * The land option for flyto tags is now turned off by default.
       * Removed stealth option, skill removed in patch 5.1.
       * Added sneak ability, always applied.
       * Changed keybinding for moving list items to left-ctrl+up/down.
       * Reworked settings and temporary files. No longer saves files inside the plugin directory.
       * Added controls for editing hotspot radius.
       * Added buttons for filtering available gathering skills depending on job.
       * Removed warning popup if no botbase is running.
      If upgrading: This release will not retain the path to your profile directory. Settings.xml and tempProfile.xml are no longer used and can be removed.
      * Importing a profile without any gatheringskills caused a crash when writing it back - fixed.
      1.6.0+ contains changes for patch 5.1. While i don't actively support other versions of the game people playing on earlier patches may want to stay 1.5.5.
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