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  • [PAID] GoldBoss - Unlimited BotManager - Full Bot Automation! [known as GarrisonBoss]

    Discussion in 'Honorbuddy Store Botbases' started by @alisha, Dec 29, 2014.

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      Sep 29, 2012
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      Short links:


      Get access on BuddyStore (づ.◕‿‿◕.)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧。*・゜゜・✧。・ ゜゜・

      • Free Trial for 2 Days before Buy! Login Your BuddyStore Account -> Hit Trial Button on Product Page GarrisonBoss

      • You Can Refund Product in 7 Days After Buying.
        But be aware - all refunds are permanent.

        This Mean you can not buy This Product in Future according HBStore Rules.


      [ Formerly Knows as @GarrisonBoss ]

      Before asking about price, Be aware that 40% of Product cost goes to BuddyStore as fee, Developer will receive only 60% of price.
      Purchases can be refunded within 7 days, However refunding a product will prevent you from being able to repurchase in future.
      Please consider using the support link below to seek assistance before refunding products.

      Modular BotBase for Full Toon Automation via Bot from level 1!
      • Tested and developed with Horde and Alliance Characters 1-100 lvl!
      • Tested with CR: Singular, KittyDru, JadyMonk, Insanity, Portal, Tuanha
      • Can be started in Any Zone in: Azeroth, Pandaria, Outland or Draenor with 1-100 lvl Toon!
      • Modular System: Buy only those Modules that you need!
      Multi Language Translated GUI into 11 Languages! Need Help for Other Languages [Read FAQ of Current State]
      +English, +German, +Russian, +Chinese, +Greek, +Italian, +Bulgarian +Korean, +French, +Spanish, +Danish

      GoldBoss Engine - base product, which include 9 built-in modules:

      1. Unlimited BotsManager! With Customizable Tasks Queue!
        Create Tasks with Priority, add them to Queue; Auto change BotBase and Profiles; No restart or relog to change BotBase, Autoback to Garrison when done
        100% Support: QuestBot, GrindBot, FishingMaster, FishingBuddy, GattheBuddy2, ProfessionBuddy, DungeonBuddy, BGBuddy, BGFarmer
      2. Navigation Module!
        Auto use mounts not available to standart HB, like Azart and other! as Ground & Fly mounts, Auto use Taxi, Auto Travel from Azerot/Pandaria/BK/Draenor - be more human like!
      3. Communication Module!
        Auto Accept/Decline Party Invite! Auto Accept Ressurect! Auto Leave Party when in Garrison - be more human like!
      4. Behaviors Module!
        Auto use GarrisonStone, solve Archeology Fragments, Disable uncompatible WoW Addons on Start, Reload WoW UI when bugged, Skip Cinematics, Avoid and Evade Manager for Open World and more!
      5. Survival Module!
        Auto Combat, Detect and defend agains Attackers, Buy Food from Vendors, Sell items, Repair, Ressurect after Death in Open World - be more human like!d
      6. Deposit Money Module! [ NEW! ]
        Search for GuildBank in Open World, Garrison, Home (HearthStone) Location, Auto Deposit to Guild Bank - Let Your Money be in Safe!
      7. Export Module!
        Individual Settings for each toon, Ability to Export chosen settings to all or specific Toons! - Easy Customize for ANY toons amount!
      8. Loot Statistic Module!
        Track info about all received during Run Items, Money, Currency; Print Extended Statistic on User request \ Bot Stopped
      9. Logout Module! HBRelog Supported!
        Queue time when bot need to stop and Logout from WoW / Skip to next HBRelog Task - immediately when all work done or after X minutes of Idle

      New First Launch GUI:


      Will help you to setup most important settings on GoldBosss First run for Toon. Contains auto-skip after 60 seconds, if user didn't make actions to change something, or Save and Launch button pressed.

      New Built-in Module "Deposit Money":

      • *NEW* AutoMate GuildBank option - Disable \ Enable GuildBank tasks
      • *NEW* Actions -> Deposit Money
      • *NEW* Deposit Amount of Gold by Max Leave on Toon Amount \ Max Amount to Deposit
      • *NEW* Minimum Amount to Deposit
      • *NEW* Search for GB in Open World, Garrison, Home location
      • *NEW* Use MobileBank if available
      • *NEW* Separate Settings file for GuildBank for each toon, available to use via Export Module
      GoldBoss will help you keep Gold in Safe!

      New Built-in Module "Logout & Relog Manager"! Auto Relog to Next toon without need to Restart Wow, no HBRelog needed!":

      + 7 Additional Modules available to purchase:

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Each module require you to have GoldBoss Engine to run.

      + Garrison Farming Module: Barn Farming ! Farming Crates in Open World! Need SavageBlood? Fure? or maybe Leather?
      + Garrison Farming Module: LumberMill! Auto Farming Lumber in Open World!

      + MailSystem Module: Separate DataBase for each Character + BOE Send! - setup mail WorkOrders, Send and Receive Mail!

      + Professions Module: Crafting for Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Tailoring
      + Professions Module: Cooking! Easy LevelUp 0 -> 700! Crafting All Draenor Food Supported!
      + Professions Module: Disenchanting from Bags!
      + Professions Module: Milling from Bags!

      + Garrison Missions Module: Plan Garrison Missions, Manage Missions Types and Priority, Maximize Gold Output from Missions

      + Garrison Planner Module: Plan Buildings Layout for Garrison for each toon, Auto Buy & Learn Blueprints, Build new & Upgrade existing Buildings

      + Garrison Followers Module: Manage Followers, Plan which to recruit from Tavern, Optimize Followers and their Equipment

      + Garrison Works Module: Collect Cache, Start WorkOrders for Profession Buildings
      + Garrison Works Module: Auto Work Orders Mine & Garden & Salvage Yard & Trading Post & WarMill & Barn & LumberMill
      + Garrison Works Module: Buildings (Auto Complete Construction \ Upgrade)
      + Garrison Works Module: Exchange Primal Spirit
      + Garrison Works Module: Auto Bank via Store House
      + Garrison Works Module: Collecting Cache from all Garrison buildings

      + Garrison Works Module: Fishing Daily! Easy LevelUp 0-> 700!

      All current users of GarrisonBoss will be migrated to GoldBoss Engine + all 7 Additional modules

      Please be patient, while all products get approval and be live, so than after migration i will answer your questions ans issue if you have one.

      P.S. Do not forget to make a proper issue request (checkout FAQ for this), otherwise help can't be given.
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      Sep 29, 2012
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      Detailed Functionality Description
      You need to register and have one post to see spoilers! GUI Screenshots:
      You need to register and have one post to see spoilers!

      Suggest Idea!
      Take part in the development of the GoldBoss!

      Happy to said, idea Service for GoldBoss available: https://garrisonboss.uservoice.com/

      Want some option or feature to be added? Can't find needed functionallity?
      Post your idea and vote others! I will implement most voted things first!


      NEW! Skype Support Group for GoldBoss users
      Glad to say, that I created new conversation group in Skype for GoldBoss users.
      If you an user of GoldBoss and want to get help and communicate with other GoldBoss users for talking about improvements of GoldBoss or issue's, you can join our Skype Group.
      How to join: PM me with providing your skype NickName.

      Thread Management rules
      The Support thread for a Buddy Store product is meant for:
      • Information about product states, new modules and release, change log for versions
        [*] Before posting Issue \ Request - Please make sure its not already posted and not in list of known bugs, upcoming changes in next build, try not to litter thread with same posts
      • If you have any idea to implement, please use Idea service instead of Support Thread: Vote for existing or add your own if its not exists yet: GoldBoss -> Add Idea All ideas reviewed only from Idea Service, according user votes.
      • Constructive criticism with specific details
      • If you have problem, prefer to use Issue Tracker For post it: GoldBoss -> Add Issue Ticket , also you can post bug reports in Support Thread with a full log attached (do not post log file in post, use attachments instead).
        [*] Questions about issue without proper reporting is not considered
      Any thing else in a Buddy Store product Support thread is considered 'off topic' and may be deleted. Examples include, but are not limited to:
      • Price discussions
      • Comparisons to other products
      • Complaints without supporting evidence suitable for immediate corrective action by the author
      • Theory crafting
      • General chit-chat
      • etc
      We ask that you please refrain from creating off-topic posts in Support threads.
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    3. @alisha

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      Sep 29, 2012
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      /人 ◕‿‿ ◕人\ [ >>Alisha's BUG Tracker << ] - Please submit your bugs and issue you have here!

      >> Knowledge Base <<

      >> Report Issue <<
      Please use "Add Issue Ticket" and attach there log and screenshot (if needed). Thank You!

      >> Add Idea <<

      @GoldBoss Money Making guide by Imtakinusrs
      >> Getting Profit with GoldBoss - Gold Farming! <<
      >> Passive income with JewelCrafting 60000-84000 gold per month via GoldBoss <<

      @GoldBoss BotsManager guides by Alisha

      For all who use HBRelog, please use last updated 1.2.1 by me version:

      p.s. you do not need to setup all toons in HBRelog, just one -> first one, other setup with built-in GoldBoss Character Switch system, it will switch them all without restarting WoW.

      Skype: alisha.hb​

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Q: How to launch GoldBoss Engine, where to find it on HB?
      A: You should choose GoldBoss Engine from BotBase list, it's not profile or plugin.
      [​IMG] -> [​IMG] -> [​IMG]
      Be sure you have enabled it in MuPurchases and restarted Honorbuddy after. Old version GarrisonBoss (if you have it) should be disabled.

      Q: I have performance issue running on Windows 10
      A: Be sure you updated to actual build Windows 10 1511 Build 10586 as 10240 build have major critical performance issue which can cause lags for some cases drivers\hardware.

      First of All: If you have any problem with something nor working like Bank/Mail/Npc Interaction etc ->
      Disable all WoW Addons,
      cause most of them rewrites WoW Interface (frame), which can cause errors. And then try again without Addons.

      Knowns Addons causing Errors: altoholic, datastore-mail, TrashCan, Dugi Questing Guides

      If you have similar in logs:
      It's meshes issue -> you need to report it to HB mesh thread instead, can be HB mesh server have bad time. I and other Community Devs cant fix meshes, only HB Core Devs works with it.
      What can (but it's not 100% working solution) clear all meshes + port via stone to Garrison table, than restart HB, than it re-downloaded and loaded all meshes correctly.

      Q: I can't Switch GUI Language from English to _Language_Name_
      A: Since May 31 - HB Have new compiler, which have bug, multi-language resources do not work, they didnt fix it yet sadly.
      So languages wouldn't work till they will fix.

      Q: HBrelog is not working 100% with the profile. It is checked in the settings, as well as the idle timer, and it is not logging out at the end of its Garrison route.
      A: Make sure you have only one install of HBRelog, as if you have multiple once it mess up with HB.

      Q: Can i get Free Trial before Buy?
      A: Yes, of course. To get it: Login into HB Store account -> Open product page -> Hit Trial Button. You will get Trial started

      Q: Can i refund Product after buy if i do not want it more?
      A: Yes, of course. You can refund Your product in 7 days After buy. But be aware its permanent - you cant purchase it again ever. Its HB Store rules.

      Q: I couldn't find this on my base list or plugin list anywhere...
      A: You should enable stream for it in: Login to BuddyStore, then go to: My Purchases list and set "enable streaming" at the GoldBoss line.

      Q: I want you to add new feature \ option to be added to GoldBoss, which is: <describing of functionality>
      A: If you want some feature to be added - post it in Idea service i have for GoldBoss: https://garrisonboss.uservoice.com/ If it got voices, it will be added in upcoming builds.

      Q: Any ETA on adding feature <describing of functionality> ?
      A: I am not going to ever give Any ETA, sorry :eek:

      Q: Have issue with loading Tiles forever

      A1: Check This Page for Programs that can be cause of it. Also checkout solution of one of the users:
      A2: Make Sure u have Chosen Ground Mount in HB Settings ("Settings & Tools" Button in HB GUI)

      Q: Is there anyways to move my settings from GoldBoss that each character has over to different installs I make? Having 20+ characters is hard to manage when I have to log onto each one and change their settings anytime I want to do a fresh install.
      A: Hi! You can copy setting files fro one Character to another, its located here: /Honorbuddy/Settings/GoldBoss (for each character settings files inside separate folder)

      Q: My Questing / grinding profiles are not being triggered in a HBrelog cycle.
      A: In order to trigger the questing / grinding profile when used in a HBrelog cycle please ensure the "Skip to next task immediately without waiting delay" HBrelog option in GoldBoss is unchecked (WorkOrders Tab).

      Q: I just hit 100 and my garrison is empty a lot of quests and I hate doing stuff by hand, how do I get it to start questing for garrison?
      A: If you need questing please use BotManager Tab -> use Questing Bot + Kick profiles or other profiles for quests:
      GoldBoss itself will do only profession prequests for buildings + ashran prequest.
      WIth BotManager Module using other Bots+profiles configured there in Queue you can do much more :) while have nothing to do in Garrison

      Q: Bot stuck with Sell&Repair
      A: Delete Settings Folder:
      Q: I don't get the meaning of Missions setting 'with success rate <100, max exp to start mission' part in the mission tag. Can i get this as simply setting exp i prefer?
      A: It means, because there are some lvl 90-96 have rewards like 100-630 EXP, and some missions have rewards HUGE amount of exp, and you may not want to start those one @50%. so if you have your EXP mission set at 50% cause your desperate to get those low level up. You can set max exp to start at 7999, or 9999 so it will start Mission with >= EXP Number you setup (8000 and more for 7999 setting; 10000, 12000, and 15000 EXP and more for 9999 setting) reward missions ONLY @100%, if its below that amount of exp reward, it will start @ 50%-99% if you have it set to 50%

      Q: I have stuck issue with building <building_name>
      A: Provide:
      • Screenshot of road Bot used to get to building where it getting stuck;
      • PlotID for Building
      • Building level
      • Garrison Level

      Q: Where can i get PlotID for building?
      A: Its in building list statistic which is written in log right after you start Bot. Also in GUI in first Tab

      Q: A:
      A: Create Tasks in HBRelog, check in GUI of GoldBoss <HBRelog> is checked, run HBRelog - victory! :cool: Also you can change default timeout, which is 2 minutes, when bot came to idle (nothing to do), it will start this Timer and after it exipired, it will go to next HBRelog task. Guide How to Setup HBRelog

      Most Problems and "bugs" can be solved by doing this:
      • Use fresh HB Install(check bottom lines for it), disable streaming of all other Products from Store.
      • Try to use previous HB version (some HB release contains bugs)
      • Try to use Beta HB version: HB Beta version, sometimes they works better, than release one.
      • Restart PC (HB have some bug for session, when u haven't restarted PC for long time.
      • Disable all WoW Addons
      • Disable streaming all other products except CR that u are using with GoldBoss

      Proper Issue \ Bug Reporting:
      • Make sure you using last version - check for version number that it's same as in HBStore change log list (sometimes due to Store problems it can give you outdated version of product for some regions)
      • Make sure you use clean HB install without any updates and files overwrites. (What is clean install: Article How to Do Clean Install)
        p.s. to be clear to make a HB clean install you do not need to delete any settings, you need just download a last release zip of HB and unzip it in new folder, where you will be checking.
      • You shouldn't copy any other plugins\routines to HB install to do test.
      • Also with clean install delete those folders (it's meshes cached, no settings files involved):
        • C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Bossland
        • C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Bossland_GmbH
      • Disable streaming for all other Products: Auth in BuddyStore, Go "MyPurchase", Disable streaming of all other products[/I]
      • Disable all WoW Addons.
        [*]Set LogLevel in HB Settings to Diagnostic
        [*]If You use Singular CR, open Class GUI, got to Last Tab and set Log to "None" (it set to "File" by default and should be changes, case Singular do much spam in log).
      • run bot again and log the problem
      • Reporting Issue: Post on Alisha's BugTracker (recommended) or in support thread
      • Check if similar issue was reported, if so -> add post to this issue ticket, if no similar found -> Create new issue report, Attach full HB log
      • Make description of your problem, when/on which conditions it happens and why as you think
      • Inform which CR you are using, Describe your problem as full as you can, if possible make screenshots to better describe it.
      • Attach your GoldBoss settings (no personal data stored), which can be found in : /HB_Folder/Settings/GoldBoss/<Your Server Name>/<Your Character Name>/GoldBoss.config.xml.

      Q: Do i have to use BugTracker?

      A: No, it's not have to, you are free to choose where to submit issue on forum or on Tracker, tho i am recommend to choose use Issue Tracker,
      If you want to:
      1. Help other users in Future

        [*] Keep support thread clean and easy to find important information

        [*] Do not create duplicate posts -> attach issue if you have to already reported issue.

        [*] Lighten issue source discover and maintenance

        [*] Reduce time for issue to got fixed

      Forum mechanism as itself not good enough for Track issue, i created all in one tracker for all my products, so it's will be more easy to track issue, as all products (most already, other will be) used my Core library -> so issue which occur in one can occur in another, so issue can be shared. Using tracker will get users to find similar issue faster and do report into already created issue topic additional info, also it will reduce time of issue fix.

      anyway, you should do a proper report, no matter where you will choose to post it after, on thread or on Issue Tracker.

      For Idea -> if you want to suggest something new to be added, please use Idea service

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      >> GUI TRANSLATIONS Need Help! :eek: <<

      [UPD:] Due to New Store Compiler Bug from May2015, which not fixed still -> Multi-languages resources do not work. Till it be fixed - work on translations paused sadly :(
      Found a workaround to make them work still :cool:!

      Currently I am searching for Users who can Help me with Translation GoldBoss to different Languages :)

      If you know English good (you can translate from it), but its not your Native Language, and your Language not in List already taken for Translation Languages, please PM me with information to which Language you can do translation. Thanks for helping Mates! :)

      Languages Supported [Party \ Fully]:
      • English - Alisha
      • Russian - Alisha
      • German [de]- Elyzol, Exomer
      • Danish [da] - Reconos
      • Greek [el] - jhantzop
      • French [fr] - ?
      • Chinese [zh] - pop009zhou, nickli, hams
      • Bulgarian [bg] - Aion (Imtakunusrs)
      • Italian [it] - Verr1nno7h
      • Korean [ko] - riple12
      • Portugal [pt-BR] - rahzbr
      • Spain [es] - ?
      • Other ?

      Stroked text means info from Translator have been received long ago, so this part of translation need new Translator asap!

      If you didn't found Your Country language in list - feel free to become Translator!

      Guide for those who want to help with Translations:

      Beta Access - Searching for Active Beta Testers!

      Since there many people that want to participate in GoldBoss beta testing and i have limited by HB invitation count,
      to obtain beta tester account
      • PM me and provide extended information why do you want to participate in Beta-testing and how you can be helpful in testing?
      Requirements for testers:
      • Be active user of GoldBoss release version
      • Test incoming versions,
      • Provide bug reports,
      • Have characters 2+ characters, lvl 90-100,
      • Ability to test each beta and do report after testing,
      • Ability to be online in Skype conf.

      The advantage to be Beta Tester:
      • Be First who get all updates - access for Beta versions
      • You have a chance to make suggestions for improvement of the GoldBoss BotBase, the majority of which will be realized if the most of people using GoldBoss are interested in your proposed solution or I find this feature perspective.
      • And also - most active and helpful Beta Testers can gain GoldBoss key for free!

      Special Thanks for Helping to
      • Hightvoltz for a huge help with meshes and just for that He Exists :eek:!
      • Mirabis - just because he is Mira and i do not want he to be sad panda :p
      • Aion (earlier: imtakinusrs) - for active beta testing and doing checks and reports for each build and Bulgarian Translation, which won a gift key for GoldBoss for his hard work, congratulations!
      • Elyzol - for active beta testing and doing checks and reports for each build , German Translation
      • tazmo - for active beta testing
      • Verr1nno7h - for Italian Translation
      • Exomer - for German Translation and active beta testing
      • hams - for Chinese Translation and active beta testing
      • nickli - for Chinese Translation
      • Reconos - Danish Translation and testing
      • rahzbr - Portugalian-Brazil Translation and testing
      • rollcharisma- for active beta testing
      • y2krazy- for help with beta testing & Guides writing
      • Happyisfree - for help with beta testing Missions
      • jhantzop - for Greek Translation
      • Gouru- for participate in testing
      • SandyR- for participate in testing
      • TaeTae - for participate in testing and writing tooltips
      • bubuhubu99 - for participate in testing
      • zimmy130 - for help with beta testing
      • lttlmantate1 - for active beta testing and doing checks and reports for each build, which won a gift key for GoldBoss for his hard work, congratulations!

      Thanks, Mates! :eek:
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      *drumroll* Released: LumberMill Module:cool:

      Module Stace:

      • *NEW* LumberMill building support lvl1-3 [ done ]
      • *NEW* LumberMill First Quest for building lvl1 PickUp, Execute, TurnIn [ done ]
      • *NEW* LumberMill Second Quest for building lvl1 PickUp, Execute, TurnIn [ done ]
      • *NEW* LumberMill Third Quest for building lvl2 PickUp, Execute, TurnIn [ done ]
      • *NEW* Auto create WorkOrders for LumberMill [ done ]
      • *NEW* Auto Farmer Lumber in Draenor [ done ]
      • *NEW* LumberMill Min Lumber Count to Start Farming it [ done ]
      • *NEW* LumberMill Max Lumber Count to End Farming [ done ]
      • *NEW* Kill "Petrified Ancient" Mob to Start Quest line for Lvl3 LumberMill [ done ]
      • *NEW* Auto use Barkskin Tome to PickUp Quest "Legacy of the Ancients" for Lvl3 LumberMill [ done ]
      • *NEW* Kill "Loruk the Ancient" Mob to get "Twig of Loruk" for Lvl3 LumberMill [ done ]


      GUI Preview:
      Last edited: Sep 10, 2015
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      Sep 29, 2012
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      Additional Modules

      *drumroll* Released: Planner Module:cool:

      Module Stace:

      • *NEW* Buy Blueprints from Garrison Npc for Buildings [ done ]
      • *NEW* Learn bought Blueprints for buildings [ done ]
      • *NEW* Buy only Blueprints for Buildings, that we already own Option [ done ]
      • *NEW* Upgrade building to Level 2/Level 3 for which we have learned Blueprints + Materials [ done ]
      • *NEW* Queue for Build new Level 1 Buildings [ done ]
      • *NEW* Display Building We already Have in Plot [ done ]
      • *NEW* Building Queue Priority from 0 to 10 Decreasing: 1 - Most Priority, 10 - Less Priority; 0 - Do not build [ done ]
      • *NEW* Planner: Upgrade building for which we have learned Blueprints + Materials [ done ]
      • *NEW* Planner: Minimum Amount of Gold + GarrisonResources requirement to start Buy Blueprint, Build new Building and Upgrade existing Building to next Level [ done ]

      *drumroll* Released: Followers Module:cool:

      Module Stace:

      • *NEW* Tavern Building Supported [ done ]
      • *NEW* Followers: Tavern prequest Auto Pickup, Execute, TurnIn [ done ]
      • *NEW* Recruit follower from Tavern [ done ]
      • *NEW* Option to choose Which Ability preferred to Search [ done ]
      • *NEW* Priority Weight for most value additional Traits (Treasure Hunter, Scavenger, High Stamina, Burst of Power, Epic Mount, Extra Training) [ done ]
      • *NEW* Minimum Followers Count with each Ability, default: 3 [ done]
      • *NEW* Deactivate Followers if we have more than Max Count [ done]
      • *NEW* Deactivate Followers Logic: will choose less prior Follower, according Min Follower with Counter Ability and Weight Priority for Traits [ done]

      Released: BotManager - Grinding & Questing Bots and Profiles Support!


      Usage Example

      We have lvl 90 toon, which we need to lvl up and also farm some leather for WorkOrders, and get some Gold, and run some Dungeons to get more gear.

      1. Setting up Profile #1 as Questing via Free Kicks Quest Profiles, Run time: 1 hour
      2. Setting up Profile #2 as DungeonBuddy random Dungeon run (Checking GUI tab to setup DungeonBuddy queue for Random Dungeon as we need), Run time: 1 hour
      3. Setting up Profile #3 as Grind via Grinding Profile for Leather, Run time: 1 hour, Items need ID: 110609 [ Raw Beast Hide ], count 40
      4. Setting up Profile #4 as grind via Gold Farming Profile, Run hour: 1 hour, min level to run 95 (as we know we cant do it successfully in 90 lvl for example)

      Profiles Setup Done. Ready to GO! :)

      GarrisonBoss will do usual Garrison stuff (for 1-89 lvl Toons this phase will be skipped), and when have nothing else to do -> Start BotManager Profles# query with requirement we setup.
      After all profiles done, it will check again for Garrison works, and then will try to start Queue again.

      Potentially can be run with any BotBase :)
      Also you can run it only for Leveling till u are not 90 and have Garrison -> Can be started even on Lvl1 toon :p

      So we can easy do Leveling up our toon, run Dungeons/BGs, Farm needed Mats and Grind for gold - all with GarrisonBoss management! :cool:

      Module Stace:

      • *NEW* Option to choose any BotBase from available to user [ done ]
      • *NEW* Option to set count of Completed Mission to go Back to Garrison when running Profile [ done ]
      • *NEW* Option to open Profile BotBase GUI to setup settings if needed [ done ]
      • *NEW* Restart Profiles Queue When All Done [ done ]
      • *NEW* Option to load Profiles for chosen BotBase from Local Machine (your computer) [ done ]
      • *NEW* Option to load Profiles for chosen BotBase from Store (by pasting store link) [ done ]
      • *NEW* Option to set Activate/Deactivate Profile [ done ]
      • *NEW* Option to set Time how Long Profile will be executed [ done ]
      • *NEW* Option to set Minimum Character level to run profile [ done ]
      • *NEW* Option to set Maximum Character level to run profile [ done ]
      • *NEW* Option to set ItemID and Count in Bags until which profile will be running [ done ]
      • *NEW* QuestBot Compatibility Supported and tested [ done ]
      • *NEW* GrindBot Compatibility Supported and tested [ done ]
      • *NEW* DungeonBuddy Compatibility Supported and tested [ done ]
      • *NEW* BGBuddy Compatibility Supported and tested [ done ]
      • *NEW* BGFarmer Compatibility Supported and tested [ done ]
      • *NEW* Gatherbuddy Compatibility Supported and tested [ done ]
      • *NEW* Queue for profiles -> Run next profile when current done [ done ]
      • *NEW* Profiles priority start run [ done ]

      Last edited: Nov 11, 2015
    7. y2krazy

      y2krazy Community Developer

      Jun 21, 2011
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      Looking forward to this! Always enjoyed your work! ;)
    8. xPain

      xPain Member

      Oct 28, 2012
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      Looks nice. Lets see how this develops.
    9. @alisha

      @alisha Well-Known Member Buddy Store Developer

      Sep 29, 2012
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      First Release pushed to HB Store, waiting for Approval from HB Team :)
    10. snowlz

      snowlz Member

      Jun 29, 2014
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      Waiting for the ally release
    11. y2krazy

      y2krazy Community Developer

      Jun 21, 2011
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      ETA on professions supported other than Inscription? ;)
    12. Soeski

      Soeski Member

      Jan 15, 2010
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      What a curious or unlucky timing, just as GarrisonButler went to the store too. Isn't it better for you two to team up then? Especially for you since GarrisonButler can do more and is already being used by hundreds of botters?
      Not to be an *ss, but it's a waste to see all that energy go into a Botbase that will not be bought/used much since there is a better alternative already. I just want the best product and not 3 products that in some way can do the same...
    13. marrvin

      marrvin Member

      Aug 26, 2012
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      Yes! Why sell Pepsi, when there is already Coca Cola on the market? :confused:
    14. Soeski

      Soeski Member

      Jan 15, 2010
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      I see what you did there ;)
      But still, why would you market a product that can do less, at exactly the same time another SAME product is marketed that can already do more and already has a vast userbase?
      Having said that, Apple did the same and see where they are now :)
      So this might work out just fine. Just thought if the efforts can be joined, the ONE product can be much better as there are 2 (even 3!) coders with the same ideals. It's not like there are millions of users to gather; HB has a lot of users but not THAT many to make a profit of 3 "identical" products (GarrisonButler, Akatosh Garrison and now this one).
      With a Combat Routine you can make a difference because one is better than another (more DPS, better tanking/healing etc). With doing Garrisons we all want to do exactly the same chores. There is no real difference other than how many options one has opposed to the other, or minor speed differences. Not enough to really make a difference I guess.
      But, we'll see! Maybe GarrisonBoss is much cheaper; that would probably steal some potential HB users away from the other two as they are (or will be) >20 euros.
    15. Gatherit

      Gatherit New Member Buddy Store Developer

      Aug 28, 2010
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      Another Garrison bot :) Can never have too many! Some have decided to make paid versions but with the amount of coding involved it's no wonder! Good luck and I'll be a tester for you soon.
    16. Myminime

      Myminime New Member

      Oct 8, 2012
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      News??? Alisha, you keep free this honey project or not?
    17. Guadah

      Guadah Member

      Feb 7, 2010
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      I can't seem to find it in the BuddyStore.
    18. @alisha

      @alisha Well-Known Member Buddy Store Developer

      Sep 29, 2012
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      I am not giving any ETA, sorry :rolleyes:
      btw, Enchanting ready^^
    19. Kratzngruaba

      Kratzngruaba New Member

      Sep 7, 2013
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      someone test this botbase?
    20. azsde

      azsde New Member

      Nov 1, 2012
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      I can't wait for the alliance version to come out :)

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