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  • Greater Rift Completion Changes (Increase Efficiency and GRifts Per Hour!)

    Discussion in 'Requests & Discussion' started by TwoCigars, Jun 12, 2015.

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      May 4, 2014
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      First part of this thread will be my request. Below the horizontal line will be my further explanation and semi-guide for seasonal starters.

      I am proposing a "New Character" setting for Trinity/QT:
      • Enter Trial Rift and Townportal out without killing anything.
      • Use newly created level 1 GRift key.
      • Allow the bot to complete most of the GRift.
      • Townportal out when a Rift Guardian appears.
      • Sit in town until the GRift timer drops below 4 minutes and 30 seconds
      • Take portal back to RG and kill him
      • Force Urshi to upgrade the GRift key

      I am also asking for this logic to be used for all GRifts:
      • Set your QuestTools trial waves to what your character can complete
      • Use newly created GRift key and complete most of the GRift.
      • Townportal out when a Rift Guardian appears.
      • Sit in town until the GRift timer drops below 4 minutes and 30 seconds
      • Take portal back to RG and kill him
      • Force Urshi to upgrade the GRift key

      REASON: Any GRift completed with less than 4 minutes and 30 seconds remaining will only allow the GRift key to be upgraded by one level.

      WHY: Currently to obtain a GRift key you must complete a bounty, normal rift and trial rift.
      Since we are talking about using multiple profiles here, this process takes quite a long time.​

      The order above will allow you to complete a GRIFT level 1, then open GRift level 2. Then 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc.
      This effectively turns 1 GRift key into 10 or more.
      You can use one Grift key until you can no longer complete the GRift during the alotted time.
      This logic is also sound for all GRifts at any player level.​

      A check for incompleted GRift level which limits the maximum key level to the last incomplete rift:
      IE: If the bot cannot complete a GRift of level 15, then set the QuestTools key level limt to 14. This will save a lot of wasted keys and bot time.​

      THIS LOGIC WILL HELP EXISTING CHARACTERS TOO: If I tell QuestTools to not complete above wave 8, I get a level ~35 GRift Key. If I complete that rift with 10 minutes left, I get a level 45 key. If I can't complete level 43, it's a waste.
      This logic would force the bot to play so I get a level 36 key, then 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, etc.​

      Efficiently GRifting is key to the success of any character. The more GRifts you can complete in an hour, the higher your experience and legendaries per hour will be. For new players this will greatly improve gearing times. For current characters it will increase how quickly they find upgrades and gain paragon levels.

      Currently our limitation is the time it takes to make GRift keys from scratch. This setup would remove that limitation.

      Adding such a feature would give botters a leg up on the "Pros."

      It would also bring in new members to DB that would otherwise play this way by hand.

      To make this the most efficient; We need a hybrid RIFT/BOUNTY profile as well:

      Create a profile that includes some of the non-blacklisted bounties from all acts into rrix's Beta Rifts.
      • Using the logic above, once the Rift Guardian spawns, the bot will TownPortal.
      • Then it can go complete a bounty.
      • Once the bounty is complete go back to town.
      • If the bounty is not complete, head back to town when the RG timer his 4 minutes remaining.
        • It would be imperative that the bot uses the MAP to get back to town, not the actual TownPortal button, otherwise it would lose it's portal to the Rift Guardian.
      **The important note here is that we want rift keys, we are not concerned about getting caches.

      Once all non-blacklisted bounties are completed, create a new game after completion of the GRift. I am assuming that a check can be done on this everytime a GRift is completed.

      Once all GRift keys are expired, it can run a normal rift to get a Trial Key.

      This would make for a profile that could be run indefinitely.
      It would create more memberships for DemonBuddy.
      It would make the current membership happy.


      Diablo Seasons! Let's get to 70 and then find Gear that your bot can play efficiently with.

      During seasonal play, there is always the level up and re-gearing process that seems to take forever.

      Once you get yourself up to level 70, you need to get geared. Unfortunately you need gear to do this efficiently [Catch 22, right?].

      If you are spending days just to get your bot to be able to clear Torment 1, you're doing it wrong!

      The solution to gearing a new character is so simple: Play Greater Rifts as soon as you hit 70!

      Even after level 70 with minimal level 70 gear, Torment 1 is not an option in Adventure mode. You are typically stuck beneath that.
      Normal difficulty, my bot will play for days without a usable legendary.
      Torment 1 Adventure Mode, I average about .5 to 1.5 legendaries per hour.
      T1 Normal Rifts I tend to be under 2 legs/hours.
      ...but in Greater Rift Level 1 I average 4 per hour with minimal gear! And that doesn't include all of my BloodShard legendaries!

      This is crucial for one reason: Greater Rift Level 1 is equivalent to Hard difficulty!

      There are fringe benefits as well:
      • Higher Experience [than hard mode, which is equivalent to GRift 1]
      • Blood Shards
      • Get all of your Legendary Gems

      The big problem that you will encounter is all the time taken to complete bounties, then complete normal rifts, followed by trial rifts, then finally you get to do some GRifts. We will cover this below. First, let's get leveled.

      Leveling Quickly involves More than just botting:

      Probably the easiest way to do seasonal leveling is through using Adventure Mode and Seasonal Powerleveling communities.

      Here is how I do it, which is by no means the "best" way:
      1. Start a new character.
      2. Load into the game using rrix's YAR Program along with rrix's Questing Profile. (You can also use Armory for gearing, I babysit)
      3. Let some of the questing run until you have a few basic gear items in your slots.
      4. Jump over to Adventure mode, once again using rrix's YAR Program along with Beardi's modified Act 1 profile.
      5. Complete a couple bounties and move on [I only need one or two rift keys at this point, so I don't need to get a cache].
      6. Join the Seasonal Powerleveling community. Send a message asking for a Powerlevel (Saying that you will keep blues and whites for the powerleveler usually helps. Also say that you have rift keys).
      7. Get powerleveled by a member of the community. Now I am at level 70.

      • This process start to finish takes about 1-2 hours total. Much faster than letting the bot run.

      I change my focus to getting geared so that I can do T6 Rifts, then onto GRifts.
      **I typically do not let Questing run for the entire story mode until after I have geared. Otherwise it takes too long.​

      That is pretty standard and it works well as is without any changes needed.

      Now the real question; How to Gear?

      What is the most efficient way?
      You could use the Questing Profile and setup rrix's Armory to change out gear as it plays overnight or something. I have had really mixed results with this as it doesn't always seem to make sound decisions. It will often melt down improvement pieces before doing a gear swap, etc. Questing Profile could be changed out with Act 1 bounties as linked above.

      You could leech in public games and ask for handouts​

      You could run a random profile and tell it to pickup/salvage anything but legendaries.

      The issue with all of those is that they seem to take days just to get to a starting point of 500-1000k dps without any set bonuses.

      Solution? Get GRifting ASAP!

      There is a proper way to Grift for Gear... Here's what the "Pros" seem to be doing:
      • Get a single rift key in adventure mode.
      • Open up a rift in Normal difficulty. Complete it for a Trial Key.
      • Open a trial rift, run off to the side and TownPortal back into town without killing anything.
      • Let the trial rift end and collect a level 1 keystone.
      • Open a level 1 GRift. Clear the GRift as you normally would.
      • Once the Rift Guardian Spawns, do these things:
        1. Note the amount of time left on the GRift timer (Usually 6-10 minutes).
        2. TownPortal out of the GRift.
        3. Wait until there is less than 4 minutes and 30 seconds left on the GRift timer.
        4. Go back into the GRift, Kill the Rift Guardian
        5. Speak to Urshi and upgrade your GRift key
        6. If there is less that 4:30 left on the timer, it will always upgrade the key by 1 level only.
        7. You now have a level 2 GRift key.
      • Go back to town, speak to Orek.
      • Start your level 2 Grift.
      • Rinse and repeat this process through GRift 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.
      [*]Greater Rift Level 1 = [URL="http://www.diablowiki.net/Hard"]Hard[/URL]
      [*]Greater Rift Level 4 = [URL="http://www.diablowiki.net/Expert"]Expert[/URL]
      [*]Greater Rift Level 7 = [URL="http://www.diablowiki.net/Master"]Master[/URL]
      [*]Greater Rift Level 10 = [URL="http://www.diablowiki.net/Torment_1"]Torment 1[/URL]
      [*]Greater Rift Level 13 = [URL="http://www.diablowiki.net/Torment_2"]Torment 2[/URL]
      [*]Greater Rift Level 16 = [URL="http://www.diablowiki.net/Torment_3"]Torment 3[/URL]
      [*]Greater Rift Level 19 = [URL="http://www.diablowiki.net/Torment_4"]Torment 4[/URL]
      [*]Greater Rift Level 22 = [URL="http://www.diablowiki.net/Torment_5"]Torment 5[/URL]
      [*]Greater Rift Level 25 = [URL="http://www.diablowiki.net/Torment_6"]Torment 6[/URL]
      [*]Greater Rift Level 25+ = Harder and harder.
      By the time they have completed their first 10 trial keys, they have done 80-100 GRifts. Check out that ratio. 10 bounties to do 80-100 Grifts. No wonder some of these players are so fast!

      Why we should do it this way... Look how we currently do things:
      See the section above about the rewards of doing GRifts. It's about speed and efficiency. You need to get your basic gear before you do anything else. Getting in as many GRifts as possible, as soon as possible will get you there quickest.

      GRifts have a shortcoming though. They take a long time to get keys! For every GRift you have to:
      • Complete a bounty, Complete a Normal Rift, Complete a Trial Rift, Finally enter a GRift. Complete Grift.
      • Complete a bounty, Complete a Normal Rift, Complete a Trial Rift, Finally enter a GRift. Complete Grift.
      • etc.

      As botters we are forced to change profiles to accomplish this and do the steps in bulk:
      DAY 1: Set bot to Normal difficulty, set to Adventure Bounties [Literally all you will gain is keys from this]
      DAY 2: Set bot to rrix's Beta Rifts. Set QuestTools to Normal Rifts. Let it run.
      DAY 3: Change QT to Trial Rifts then Greater Rifts.
      **Using YAR can somewhat help automate this.

      This is why I have made the suggested change in the beginning of this thread. With the proper setup, we can be geared in a day after a new season starts or a new account is created!

      Would anyone like further details on this subject?
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      A huge +1 on your request. That would be truly amazing!

      And I think that the guide really deserves a new thread in the Demonbuddy Guides section.
      It is a very, very good guide even if you call it a "semi-guide" :)
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      TwoCigars, YOU ROCK as usual

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