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  • [Grind] [N] Warlock Hidden Appearance Eredar Mob Farm

    Discussion in 'Neutral' started by Whiskeyhotel, Jun 5, 2017.

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      Jun 5, 2017
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      Hey guys, I was looking for a grind profile to help me farm Eredar mobs in order to get the hidden artifact appearance for Demonology Warlocks. I couldn't find one for the area I wanted to farm, so I made this one.
      I left it running overnight and had the final head by morning.
      Allow a MINIMUM of 6 hours (can't really predict RNG) for all heads to drop.
      The Affliction book which starts that appearance questline also drops from these mobs.
      The profile will pull all mobs in the area apart from Inquisitor Tivos, who takes far too long to kill.
      The mobs respawn quite fast, depending on the amount of mobs total in the area.

      Travel to this point in Faronaar and take the legion portal (below):
      WoWScrnShot_060517_171819.jpg WoWScrnShot_060517_171828.jpg

      Once you are inside The Soulrender, start the profile! WoWScrnShot_060517_172043.jpg

      Remember to change you Singular settings (Pull distance, amount of mobs to pull etc) depending on your gear level. I was ilvl 828 while I farmed these mobs.


      Happy farming!

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