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  • [GrindBot]EmpireExtinction (A Garlean Steel Joint profile!)

    Discussion in 'GrindBot Profiles' started by Tinytox, Nov 9, 2014.

    1. Tinytox

      Tinytox Member

      Nov 5, 2014
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      Purpose: As the title suggests, this farms Garlean Steel Joints, used in crafting a costume accessory, which can be used to desynth (GSM only!) fieldcraft demimateria 3.
      They are still quite expensive, which makes it nice to get a good 'ol stack of these. About 8 hours of using this profile got me about 60 garlean steel joints (Terrible drop rate). The cost of demimateria (last i knew) on my server, was about 300k each, if you consider the chance of getting a FC3 materia back to be 1/4, and you have a 100% success rate, 8 hours of botting turns into 4m when crafted and desynthed.

      I tested this one pretty extensively, and it worked really well for me.
      If anything is wrong or you have any problems with it, let me know.

      Also- this is my first contribution, and the first profile I've written.
      Switch it over to GrindBot, load the profile, tweak your (ideally) Magitek settings, and you should be good to farm for hours on end.
      The exp you gain from this profile is nominal at best, so you really won't need to repair, you can go long periods of time without having to even worry about it.
      This profile is used for the empire area near Wineport.

      it is obviously recommended to only bother farming these mobs at level 50, possibly ilvl 80+ for the sake of efficiency. Much higher than 100 and the mob spawns will likely not be able to keep up.

      Assuming it works as well for you as it did for me, this is AFK-able.

      For those who would prefer not to download, make a notepad document, paste the following contents in, and save it as a .xml file

      <?xml version="1.0"?>
        <Items />
          <TargetName>2nd Cohort Vanguard</TargetName>
        <BlackSpots />
          <HotSpots Radius="5" X="354.258728" Y="0" Z="-97.61049" />
          <HotSpots Radius="5" X="360.440552" Y="0" Z="-102.337761" />
          <HotSpots Radius="5" X="394.393646" Y="0" Z="-43.1036835" />
          <HotSpots Radius="5" X="427.484558" Y="0" Z="-42.19459" />
          <HotSpots Radius="5" X="458.3642" Y="0" Z="-99.2279053" />
          <HotSpots Radius="5" X="462.612885" Y="0" Z="-81.96898" />
          <Node Id="0" X="361.1159" Y="76.36107" Z="-100.378563" />
          <Node Id="1" X="358.245117" Y="76.36107" Z="-97.0270157" />
          <Node Id="2" X="360.069519" Y="76.36107" Z="-92.8533249" />
          <Node Id="3" X="363.24115" Y="76.37146" Z="-89.69451" />
          <Node Id="4" X="366.752533" Y="76.37146" Z="-86.7193146" />
          <Node Id="5" X="370.1078" Y="76.35794" Z="-83.8763657" />
          <Node Id="6" X="373.164" Y="76.37648" Z="-81.2868958" />
          <Node Id="7" X="376.668243" Y="76.37648" Z="-78.3178" />
          <Node Id="8" X="380.174866" Y="76.37642" Z="-75.34668" />
          <Node Id="9" X="383.183533" Y="76.37642" Z="-72.69984" />
          <Node Id="10" X="386.451477" Y="77.42604" Z="-69.46929" />
          <Node Id="11" X="389.689178" Y="76.3929443" Z="-66.19273" />
          <Node Id="12" X="390.6606" Y="76.35214" Z="-62.1477776" />
          <Node Id="13" X="394.760437" Y="76.35214" Z="-62.4459343" />
          <Node Id="14" X="397.98056" Y="76.40083" Z="-59.18394" />
          <Node Id="15" X="400.792542" Y="76.40083" Z="-56.3354034" />
          <Node Id="16" X="404.021271" Y="76.43009" Z="-53.0645256" />
          <Node Id="17" X="404.718842" Y="76.43009" Z="-49.1036758" />
          <Node Id="18" X="400.844116" Y="76.2598953" Z="-46.7616234" />
          <Node Id="19" X="397.2637" Y="76.22538" Z="-44.9734421" />
          <Node Id="20" X="396.442749" Y="76.2025146" Z="-40.9211121" />
          <Node Id="21" X="400.614044" Y="76.21677" Z="-39.6417961" />
          <Node Id="22" X="405.214417" Y="76.1870651" Z="-39.521" />
          <Node Id="23" X="409.7111" Y="76.45202" Z="-38.6046181" />
          <Node Id="24" X="414.18158" Y="76.45202" Z="-37.51989" />
          <Node Id="25" X="418.654327" Y="76.1701" Z="-36.43461" />
          <Node Id="26" X="423.22522" Y="76.16109" Z="-36.308857" />
          <Node Id="27" X="426.8011" Y="76.1609039" Z="-38.85481" />
          <Node Id="28" X="428.271576" Y="76.1629639" Z="-42.69281" />
          <Node Id="29" X="429.757172" Y="76.16458" Z="-46.8473854" />
          <Node Id="30" X="431.490875" Y="76.17279" Z="-50.63102" />
          <Node Id="31" X="433.417358" Y="76.27339" Z="-54.31797" />
          <Node Id="32" X="435.493652" Y="76.27339" Z="-58.2123146" />
          <Node Id="33" X="437.681366" Y="77.42711" Z="-61.7572479" />
          <Node Id="34" X="440.422882" Y="76.44501" Z="-65.17505" />
          <Node Id="35" X="443.5004" Y="76.17845" Z="-67.97921" />
          <Node Id="36" X="446.5729" Y="76.17845" Z="-70.77882" />
          <Node Id="37" X="449.941" Y="76.17845" Z="-73.6273651" />
          <Node Id="38" X="453.528625" Y="76.17845" Z="-75.72781" />
          <Node Id="39" X="457.684052" Y="76.17845" Z="-77.2202454" />
          <Node Id="40" X="461.6325" Y="76.17845" Z="-78.52989" />
          <Node Id="41" X="465.256073" Y="76.17845" Z="-80.4004059" />
          <Node Id="42" X="466.27356" Y="76.17845" Z="-84.3671646" />
          <Node Id="43" X="464.534332" Y="76.17845" Z="-88.39688" />
          <Node Id="44" X="461.6563" Y="76.17845" Z="-91.37122" />
          <Node Id="45" X="457.722778" Y="76.17845" Z="-93.31097" />
          <Node Id="46" X="453.7085" Y="76.17845" Z="-92.66739" />
          <Node Id="47" X="450.82843" Y="76.17845" Z="-89.8566742" />
          <Node Id="48" X="448.790436" Y="76.17845" Z="-85.9372559" />
          <Node Id="49" X="446.872253" Y="76.17845" Z="-82.2482758" />
          <Node Id="50" X="444.831848" Y="76.17845" Z="-78.32428" />
          <Node Id="51" X="442.913818" Y="76.17845" Z="-74.63556" />
          <Node Id="52" X="425.583557" Y="76.34066" Z="-46.7374763" />
          <Node Id="53" X="422.2918" Y="76.34066" Z="-44.2272568" />
          <Node Id="54" X="418.5497" Y="76.33809" Z="-42.6494446" />
          <Node Id="55" X="414.279358" Y="76.33809" Z="-43.77047" />
          <Node Id="56" X="411.070526" Y="76.4121" Z="-46.33506" />
          <Node Id="57" X="374.529022" Y="76.35794" Z="-85.25704" />
          <Node Id="58" X="371.857544" Y="76.35794" Z="-88.4275055" />
          <Node Id="59" X="368.969177" Y="76.37146" Z="-91.85535" />
          <Node Id="60" X="365.978546" Y="76.37146" Z="-95.40453" />

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      Last edited: Nov 9, 2014
    2. lordofthereef

      lordofthereef New Member

      Jul 16, 2014
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      What is the location that you have to head to for this?

      Looking to level chocobo but I may as well farm useful stuff lol

      EDIT: Wineport... carry on lol.
    3. lordofthereef

      lordofthereef New Member

      Jul 16, 2014
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      Hmmm... ilevel 91 summoner, ran for about 20 minutes, came back and he was dead. Don't have time to mess with settings right now. Will try and figure out what happened.
    4. Tinytox

      Tinytox Member

      Nov 5, 2014
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      Hm, sorry to hear that.
      If you do some more testing let me know what seems to be the issue.
      I've found that opening any menus at all can result in the bot kind of.. derping out. It may also be worth updating Magitek if you haven't recently. (SVN FTW!)

      As for my personal testing before I even attempt to AFK at all with any script I'm working with or testnig, I try to watch it go through minimum a full cycle, often two or three.
      Give that a shot and let me know!
    5. tmk147

      tmk147 New Member

      Oct 4, 2014
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      This worked for my iLvl 93 Monk, but I only left it there for a few hours. Sadly FC3 materia is only 30-40k on my server so not as worth it :(
    6. Tinytox

      Tinytox Member

      Nov 5, 2014
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      You're right lol, I made it a bit late, but it still helped me level GSM desynth a bunch. Thanks for the testing/feedback tmk147 ^^

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