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  • [Guide] Basics for DemonBuddy

    Discussion in 'Demonbuddy Guides' started by FreakyBart, May 24, 2016.

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      Here is a quick guide to understand and start with DemonBuddy.
      As a disclaimer, please note that this tutorial isn't the official one, and may contains error.
      All build, plugins and settings are my own or/and choose by my opinion.
      Some better alternatives may exist, and may be better.

      To follow this guide, you will need, first, few things.
      • An internet connection
      • Diablo 3 + RoS Extention installed
      • A brain
      • Be capable of search a bit yourself

      Usefull links:
      - [WEB] Buy a DemonBuddy Key
      - [WEB] Manage your DemonBuddy key
      - [WEB] Attach your logs to your post
      - [WEB] DemonBuddy Discord
      - [BUILD] Latest DemonBuddy download
      - [BUILD] Latest DemonBuddy Beta download
      - [PLUGIN] Adventurer
      - [PLUGIN] Trinity


      The first step will be to download and install the bot.
      Download the bot here. ( Installer or .zip doesn't matter )
      I will consider than now, you have the bot installer under your document.
      Before start the bot, please download the latest Adventurer and Trinity.
      Note that most recent builds are also on Discord, so I really advice you to get them.
      Once you have downloaded these Plugins, delete the existing plugins (Adventurer and Trinity), then extract the one you download to your DB (DemonBuddy) folder.
      They need to be on the Plugins folder, except for adventurer, which may contains Plugins & Profile folder. (in this case, override profile folder too)

      So now, you should have the latest DB, with the latest build. Awesome!!

      First Start:

      Yeah, we gonna do it. DO IT!!
      Simply start the game before, log-in, and when you are on menu, or in game, go to your options, graphics, and set the game in windows mode, then, start the bot.
      At the beginning, it will show a little windows, asking for your DB key (the one you bought).
      If you don't remember it, you can get it on the BuddyAuth portal.

      Once you get it, just copy-paste it, and choose your server. (EU = Europe, NA = North America, SA = South Asia and CN = China)
      Choose the good one, or let the default choice (best latency), it will just reduce the ping to DB servers, and improve your gameplay.
      Since botting is illegal in Germany, you will need to confirm that you are not located in Germany.
      Right after, the bot will ask you which Routine you want to setup, and you will choose Trinity.

      DemonBuddy GUI:


      Okay, now, you are scared. A lots of buttons, tabs, and you got now ideas how it work?
      Or maybe you're exited, and you want to click everywhere?
      Wait a bit, and just take few minuts to understand what and why, then, you can click, I promess.

      I will try to present each tabs, and what's inside.
      Note that I won't go deeper about plugins configuration, since some people already did it.
      The Main tab:

      Here is the core of the bot.

      Start/Stop: Start or stop the bot.
      Pause/resume: pause/resume the bot. (note that pause the bot, then stop it may cause bug, better pause, resume, then stop it)
      Force TownRun: Force the bot to stop tasks, and go town, and execute his routine. (Chest, smith, shard)
      Load: Click and load the profile you want to use. (DB folder\Profile)
      Settings: Here, you will be able to choose your protected chest tabs (where the bot won't touch anything), the game difficulties, and some others options.
      I think i'll make a detailled section about this.
      Language: Choose your own language, but I'll advice you to stay in English. (to follow this guide, and because translation isn't 100% done)
      The Info tabs:


      Here, you got some developper tools, but well, you will never use it.
      Just forgot thistabs, nothing for you.
      The Plugins tabs:


      This is one of the best tabs.
      Here, you will choose which plugins will be loaded by the bot, and you will be able to open the settings for them.

      To enable a plugin, just tick the checkbox on the left of the profile's name.
      If you want to configure it, click on it, then click the "Configure" button on the right.
      For now, tick Trinity.

      EDIT: Actually, in November 2017, QuestTools and Adventurer have been merged with trinity. So you may only see Trinity on the plugins tab, which in perfectly fine and normal.​
      Additional Tabs:

      All additional tabs are from Plugins.
      If you followed the guide, you may have Trinity's tabs, or more, depending on your installed plugins
      The logs:

      While running, the bot will log a lots of informations.
      At the beginning, you will not understand anything, but later, with experiences, it will be very informative about what's going on.

      So right now, you should be able to start the bot.
      Just make sure you ticked Trinity in the Plugins tab, and be sure have loaded a profile (Main tabs, Load, choose, for exemple, Profiles/Adventurer/NephalemRift)
      Then, click start, and see the bot run.

      But basically, if you tryed, or just read this guide straight, it's possible, that the bot isn't doing what you want.
      Not the good difficulties, doesn't pick what you want, put everything in chest, etc.
      Here we are, understand and configure the bots & plugins

      Configure the bots & Plugins:

      Only few settings are usefull here, others are handled by Trinity

      Repair durability: When you die/fight, your stuff take damages. Define when the bot will back to town to repair it.
      Protected Stash pages: Select which tabs of your chest the bot can't touch. (can't pick, move, or stash items).
      Game wait time: Time between these 2 values waiting by the bot before go in game.
      Log level: Define what kind of log you want to see on DB
      Difficulties: Define the difficultiy you want to run
      Use Taskbar icon: A little icon (DB) will go ont the botton left
      Minimize to taskbar: Minimize DB client will make it on the taskbar icon, and more more in the common taskbar.


      Basically, Trinity is the frontal brain of the bot.
      You can run without it, but I don't advice it.

      With trinity, you will be able to configure the following, but not only, settings.
      This amazing and massive plugins is mainly supported by xzjv.

      • Fight (how to fight, when to fight, and when to fear/run)
      • Items (Which items loot, which items destroys, which items go to chest, how many gold are worth to loot, etc)
      • Townrun (Repare, craft materials, use bloodshard, convert yellow to legendary, extract level power, etc)
      • Parangon (Once 70, you'll get parangon. trinity can set them automatically, in the order you want, with the limit you want)
      • And more...

      I can't really go deeper about that Plugins, there is a lot to explain, but there is already something which explain Trinity settings.
      It may be a bit different now, since Trinity developper are constantly changing and updating stuff, but main things and options are explains and detailed.

      Anyways, a bit later, I'll try to make a guide about basics settings, to be able to make some runs, with basics needs.
      (GreaterRift, NephalemRift, Bounties, Materials, Legendaries)


      Adventurer and QuestTool are old plugins, which are now part of Trinity.
      They are really helpfull as they provide support for quests, bounties, rifts, and more.​

      Upgrade legendary gems, run nephalems, find XP shrines, return search key to make GR after, search keywarden, define which gems, and when update them, which order, etc
      I think this plugin deserve some special attention too, and I'll make some thing about it.

      But if you check options, you should be fine, since they are pretty self-explain.

      Here you are.
      Normally, you should be able to run and start using DemonBuddy with this.
      If you got any questions, take a look at the little FAQ under, and feel free to post here, and someone will answer you quickly.

      Also, if you are an advanced users, and got some tips, advices, or suggestions about this guide, I'll be glad and thanksfull the be helped.


      Q: My bot only run in normal difficulty, how to change?
      A: Check on the main tab, settings, then difficulties

      Q: My Bot only run GreaterRift level 1, how to change?
      A: Check in Adventurer, and set the rift level.

      Q: My bot is taking stuff in my chest, and placing them on the last tab...
      A: This is actually a Trinity bug, just deal with it.

      Q: I got enought Yellow, but no white...
      A: Check what you can do with the cube."

      Q: My bot doesn't move when I click the start button
      A: Make sure you have a profile loaded.
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