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  • [Guide]How to keep your Account more safe(Anti-Ban)

    Discussion in 'Ban Section - Ban Reports' started by Tony, Jan 15, 2010.

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    1. Tony

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      Jan 15, 2010
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      Make sure you are not set /afk or /dnd because that looks really suspicious for people around you when you are supposed to be away for keyboard but you are farming on mobs?

      - Don't bot 24/7... Nobody likes it when they see that a guy is already playing for 3 days on a row... So do it smart and act like a normal person... Only let your bot run 12 hours/day and when you are unknown on your server you can try 24/7 (GM's don't look which player is X time on-line, I've been botting for 6 days on a row for a period when I wasn't in a guild on a good spot).

      - Use multiple bank-accounts... When people see that one bank has like the hole leathermarket they will think a bot farmed it and report your bank-alt that connects with your botting-alt. So what you should do is create multiple bank-alts

      - Try adding some friends who know you are botting and talk sometimes to them, we don't know this for 100% but we know that GM's can look in all our whispers/chat so someone who never talks has a higher chance of getting banned then someone who is really social!

      - Let your friend who knows you are botting add you in a group and then alt+f4 his WoW (so no Exit or Logout trough the WoW functions). This will leave you in a group so when people want to join a group with you they see you are already in a group and won't annoy you.

      - When you notice a small bug/glitch then report it in the channel, it will let you look active. Also, people believe that some mobs are accidental glitched by GM's to see what the bot will try to do and then ban you!

      - When someone whispers you you are a botter, then say something funny and don't panic, say something like "my mom says the same thing when I'm on the computer :p" and they will laugh with you and think you are no bot.

      - Joining a guild can be smart if the guild knows you are a botter... My guild only contains real-life friends and they all know I'm a botter... and they even participate! But if your guild doesn't know then they can backstap you!

      - Do some heroics, get some good gear and you will look like a no-live farmer instead of a botter when people see you! People with epics don't bot ;-)

      -Use Mixed mode whereever possible. If someone checks out your achievements and sees you have no quests, but have alot of honor Kills they will think you just grind and level with pvp and not questing.
      by Mord*

      -Upgrading your gear every 10 levels. If you are level 50 but in level 30 gear then somthing is wrong.
      by Mord*

      Good Luck

      *many thx to Mord for the last two parts
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