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  • [Guide] Speed Wizard Tal'Rasha Teleport Bomber Guide

    Discussion in 'Demonbuddy Guides' started by Alibud66, May 27, 2016.

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      [Guide] Speed Wizard Tal'Rasha Teleport Bomber Guide [2.4.1]

      Hi. I've found a great build for Wizard, based on Tal'Rasha and Aether Walker (Cubed). Fast and easy rifting/grifting at Grift lvl 35 (Torment 8) with just ~360 paragons, with a very rare death. Build and skills are not even optimized yet, so I can get better weapon, boots, one ring, bracers and shoulders, to improve damage and life. And that's with just a part of items beeing Ancient and without Ancient items gems upgrade. With all Ancient items and upgrades I shoud be able to feel fine in Torment 10 and greater Grifts.

      It just goes Teleporting every 1-2 seconds, bombing almost instantly everything with Blast, Meteor + Tal'Rasha Meteors, plus Disintegrate and Storm Armor's lightning (Great for taking out distant targets). Offhand Etched Sigil adds one of damaging spells every second. Tal Rasha's Elements are almost always on "4".

      Check the build here:

      Comments and suggestions are welcome!
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