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    Discussion in 'Pets' started by HceTiG0L, Apr 28, 2015.

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      [Hce]Eastern Kingdoms Pet Farming!


      → Dungeon / Raids pet drops are not planned to implant.
      → While creating / testing the profiles the pets who dropped in total I was able to make 30k gold while I still have plenty of pets to sell.
      → All profiles can be started in Eastern Kingdom.

      Eastern Kingdom (7 Profiles)
      - Cat Carrier (Black Tabby). Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 8,000
      Note:Only Horde Mailbox and Vendor supported.

      - Tiny Crimson Whelpling. Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 8,000
      Note: No mailbox and vendor.

      - Dark Whelpling. Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 1,000

      - Razormaw Hatchling. Drop Rate: 1 in 1
      Note: Profile will take you to the spawning point of the spawning nest. Profile will let your character move every 28 minutes to avoid being logged out. No mailbox and vendor.

      - Time-Locked Box. Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown
      Note: You'll need to be in the "phased" blasted land, you should have this by default normally. Contains vendor but no mailbox.

      - Disgusting Oozeling. Approximate Drop Rate: [Disgusting Oozeling] in bag 1 in 85
      Note: Profile will open your Oozing Bags at the end of the grinding location. No mailbox and vendor.

      - Mr. Grubbs. Approximate Drop Rate: [Mr. Grubbs] in bag 1 in 3
      Note: You'll need to have the "Fiona's Lucky Charm" buff, you get this by doing some quests for Fiona, more information about this can be found on WoWhead.

      Extra Information

      → All profiles are "hit start" and the profile will do the rest.
      → If I missed a pet that drops from mobs (NO dungeons/raids) in Eastern Kingdom please let me know and I'll add them.

      Found a bug or stuck?
      → Tell me what is going wrong.
      → If you are not sure what information I need, just post your log.

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