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  • HELP !!! HB Crashes W/Logs

    Discussion in 'Honorbuddy Forum' started by hdleo, Oct 26, 2014.

    1. hdleo

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      Oct 18, 2014
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      HB Exits right after logging in, rolling it x32 and all using an alienware laptop all is good i was running it perfectly then i think blizz did a minor update and HB stopped working!
      Help please !! is it a new HB update needed or is it something wrong with my HB Specifically, it just crashes after logging in
      I have tried logging in many times to see if an error message pops up or anything but nothing comes up !! just logs in when it starts initializing it just logs out !! so no error message pops up nothing just completely shuts down as if you closed it yourself
      I can log in using other Chars but causes WoW to Crash !!
      For Some Reason only doesn't work on my chars on stormscale but Sylvanas and Chamber of Aspects works fine for me

      View attachment 9980 2014-10-27 00.21.txt View attachment 8496 2014-10-26 23.01.txt

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