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Help, lag total, here and bot!!

Discussion in 'Rebornbuddy Support' started by overlord2000, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. overlord2000

    overlord2000 Member

    Apr 17, 2016
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    Hello everyone,

    I am not able to use the bot anymore, it is the first time I go through this, I do not know if it is patch 4.5, or something else, but entering the buddy portal, or here, is taking too long.

    Or pages access too fast, I can not update the bot, I can not even download the new version because the forecast is more than 1 hour.

    I cleaned the computer, restored the system, got in touch with the provider, everything 100%, did speed tests, and donwload at 1.6 mb / s my net is 15mb.

    I just came back and the pages of the forum take more than 2 minutes to open, this has never happened before, it's not my internet, everything is 100%, I made tests, downloading a movie here in utorrent at 1.6mb and upload a0,82 Mb for me everything perfect.

    But I can not download, update, or log into my buddy auth account, it's too tense, I had to remove my bitdefender, malwarebyte, and I use them 2 years, no conflict, so the rebornbot is for the first time too slow , and here was a struggle to open a post.

    Sorry, my english, I'm from Brazil.

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