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  • Help with Leve Turn-In Profile

    Discussion in 'OrderBot Profiles' started by Ligress, Aug 15, 2017.

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      Nov 7, 2013
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      Tried to write a simple leve turn-in profile but the bot keeps stopping after I press Start saying it's completed without doing anything first.

      My CUL is level 61, I'm in Kugane with a couple stacks of NQ Baklava in my inventory I got cheap and I just wanna turn them in for whatever exp they'll give me.

      I put in a While tag and then tried an If tag but nothing seems to be working for what I want the bot to do, can someone look over my profile and see what's wrong?

      I'm trying to keep it simple because all I want it to do is stand here, accept this same leve and turn it in over and over again, but maybe I made it too simple...

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