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    Discussion in 'Archives' started by raphus, Mar 16, 2015.

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    1. raphus

      raphus Administrator Staff Member Moderator Buddy Core Dev

      Jun 17, 2010
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      Honorbuddy v2.5.13239.773

      New features:
        * ProfessionBuddy
          - CastSpellAction will now automatically place spells that require placement (such as cooking fire) at player's feet. (HB-1489)
        * QuestBehaviour
          - Hearthstone has been rewritten to handle multiple fail modes, use Innkeepers Daughter hearthstone and use Garrison Hearthstone if UseGarrisonHearthstone=true (HB-614)
          - QBcore based behaviors can now use a 'PursuitList' sub element to select targets to pursue. Currently only InteractWith and KillUntilComplete use this PursueList (HB-693)
          - EscortGroup is now QBcore-based (HB-712)
          - MrFishIt: Added a TerminateWhen attribute  (HB-1169)
          - BuyItemCount is now a math equation (HB-1172)
          - MrFishIt: CollectItemCount can now be a C# expression (HB-1174)
          - InteractWith: Added a new option, MissingBuyItemIsFatal, which specifies whether profile should terminate when a vendor doesn't have an item to buy. Default value: true (HB-1231)
          - InteractWith will now warn the user if WaitForNpcs='true' and a HuntingGrounds sub element with multiple waypoints is used.  (HB-2026)
        * Questing
          - Profile line number is now printed in log for nodes that throw an exception while being executed (HB-757)
      Bug fixes:
        * ArchaeologyBuddy
          - Should be working properly on pre-draenor maps now (HB-2039)
        * QuestBehaviour
          - FlyingVehicle will now wait longer before and after dropping off passenger (HB-675)
          - Vendoring is now disabled while EscortGroup is running (HB-1175)
          - FlyTo is no longer spamming log with warnings while profile is loaded. Also eliminated spam coming from HuntingGroundsType  (HB-2077)
          - UseTransport will now disable behaviors that cause distractions (HB-443)
      Other changes:
        * QuestBehaviour
          - InteractWith now uses the correct symbol for infinity for TtB (Time to blacklist) (HB-2000)
        * Questing
          - Reduce quest profile loading time and memory usage (HB-1905)

      [SIZE=+1]Reporting Bugs[/SIZE]
      Please report confirmed HBcore bugs to THIS thread!
      When reporting a bug, please include your full log file (found in your bot folder under the "Logs" directory, sort by creation date to find it easier), a full and detailed explanation of the bug, as well as any screenshots or profiles that may be useful in tracking down the bug.
      Here are other threads where it may be appropriate to report your problem, instead of here:


      Honorbuddy: Installer (recommended) / Zip

      Honorbuddy Deutsche Version: Installer (recommended) / Zip
      → For German users, this Honorbuddy client must be used—the other Honorbuddy version(s) will not work for you.
      Ref: Honorbuddy Deutsche Version - Pressemitteilung

      The Buddy Dependency Wizard will install these requirements for you, if needed.
      Of course, you are welcome to install them manually if so inclined.

      [SIZE=+1]Thread Management Rules[/SIZE]
      Posts that have been archived from this thread are available here:
      Posts are archived according to the following rules:

      • Posts that have received a response from the Bossland GmbH staff are archived.
        Do not assume that because your post was archived, it means we don't care.
        We are simply keeping this thread clean.
      • This thread is for confirmed HBcore bug reports only.
        You should have tried to resolve your problem using the Support forum, first.
        If the Support forum can't resolve your issue, they will ask that you report the problem here.
      • We will only look into bugs reported against the version of Honorbuddy represented by this thread.
        Bugs reported against any other Honorbuddy releases (including Betas) will be archived immediately without comment.
      • Bug reports without FULL, unedited logs attached will be immediately archived without comment.
      • Either report bugs properly, or do not report them at all.
        We cannot look into bugs that have little to no information.
        Bugs reported in such a fashion will be immediately archived without comment.
      • If you wish to submit a feature request to this thread, please make certain it is not already covered.
      • This is not a discussion thread.
        If you derail this thread, you will be muted for up to 30 days. No questions.
      • Archiving may not be immediate, but occur every few days.

    2. chinajade

      chinajade Well-Known Member Moderator Buddy Core Dev

      Jul 20, 2010
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      [SIZE=+1]Currently Known Bugs[/SIZE]
      This list represents reports that will be of interest to the general user Community. It is approximately 25% of our open bug workload. The rest of the reports are future considerations, internal concerns, or of concern only to the Community Developers.

      • HB-30: Allow the user to change routines without restart
      • HB-38: Add Profile Settings window to gui
      • HB-456: HB will not defend itself against Hostile Players in PvE
      • HB-490: A minimalist Honorbuddy interface
      • HB-613: Dungeonbuddy has endless pointless wipes due to Bottled Nethergon Vapor
      • HB-708: Provide functionally that helps improve aiming when in a ballistic vehicle.
      • HB-750: AutoEquip is not considering socket bonuses on gear
      • HB-956: Alliance Warsong running a circle at the beginning
      • HB-1030: Making a "Session ID" available in log and via HB API, so user's know which BuddyAuth session to kill
      • HB-1039: Nav-Problems WOD -Zones flexible Buildings & outposts that need to be conquered
      • HB-1069: An option in Honorbuddy to completely disable store streaming?
      • HB-1075: Inability to tune profile's mail/sell settings & IgnoreCheckpoints when streamed from BuddyStore
      • HB-1086: Honorbuddy Load Profile -> From Buddy Store needs to filter profile list by currently selected bot
      • HB-1145: CannonControl: Need ability to specify MinHeading / MaxHeading
      • HB-1146: Gatherbuddy "Stuck" on approach to *every* node when framelock is off
      • HB-1180: Decouple explicitly initiated selling and mailing?
      • HB-1219: IsAchievementCompleted() returning wrong results if another toon on the account has already completed the achievement
      • HB-1236: Separate pause, play, and stop buttons?
      • HB-1331: MyCTM fails to move if only "Z" value changes, causing profile termination
      • HB-1400: Archeologybuddy Terrace of Gurthan Digsite
      • HB-1423: ProfessionBuddy taking an excessive amount of time to cancel auctions
      • HB-1452: Honorbuddy having problems identifying mobs for Kill-form of Objective
      • HB-1455: Accommodate gear specializations for Auction cancels and posting?
      • HB-1468: Add a new "mail at XXX interval" timer to Gatherbuddy?
      • HB-1500: Add game client overlay support to HB API
      • HB-1507: Honorbuddy needs to explicitly close dialog after learning flightpoints
      • HB-1509: Can ProfessionBuddy emit profile 'line numbers'?
      • HB-1513: Professionbuddy auction problem
      • HB-1514: ObjectManager does not see targets while mounted on Vehicle
      • HB-1515: Razorfen Kraul: Pulls hostile mob group while trying to turn in Spirit of Agamaggan
      • HB-1519: WoD: Phased objects (arenas, lumbermill, upgrades cause mesh issues
      • HB-1524: AutoAngler: Allow use new Draenor Lures and Baits
      • HB-1525: HB should prefer the Sea Turtle mount when swimming
      • HB-1529: AutoAngler: Updating to Draenor fishing attire
      • HB-1549: ArchaeologyBuddy having problems surveyingat Setthek Hollow North digsite
      • HB-1550: AutoAngler2: Glyph of Zen Flight doesn't work in Draenor
      • HB-1556: CanCast() always returns true for Paladin's Exorcism
      • HB-1558: API support for Garrison dailies (need NPCs access)
      • HB-1592: Not skinning every mob
      • HB-1615: Collect-form of <Objective> does not consider 'shared credit' mobs
      • HB-1623: Honorbuddy spamming "Moving to" messages
      • HB-1628: Problems with "Insanity" override for Priests
      • HB-1629: AutoEquip will equip Tournement Gear, which is only valid in War Games
      • HB-1630: KillUntilComplete does not loot mobs
      • HB-1631: Harvest timber with Gatherbuddy?
      • HB-1633: Dungeon(Lost City of the Tol'vir) vendor issue
      • HB-1639: DungeonBuddy fails to corpse run Azjol-Nerub
      • HB-1640: AutoAngler: Special handling for lunkers, carp, & minnows
      • HB-1641: AutoAngler: Fishing poles need to be selected by fishing skill bonus, and not item level
      • HB-1642: Need User Settings for "Harvest Timber" and "Harvest Vines"
      • HB-1646: Vehicle quest behaviors should disable Combat Routine while in vehicles
      • HB-1648: ProfessionBuddy: Add Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife to toolbox
      • HB-1657: ProfessionBuddy stalls out when its time to move
      • HB-1658: Use Flying Mounts as Ground Mounts (at least in Draenor)?
      • HB-1659: DungeonBuddy uses Hearthstone even though toon is already at the correct place
      • HB-1680: "Disable all" streaming for My Puchases in the Buddy Store.
      • HB-1684: Timber is obstructing navigation--especially on less than medium population realms
      • HB-1687: ArchaeologyBuddy to use Draenor Archaeologist's Lodestone?
      • HB-1691: ForceSetVendor behavior DoMail issues
      • HB-1701: Terrace of Gurthan Digsite: ArchaeologyBuddy doesn't progress
      • HB-1713: Gatherbuddy confused about what should be pursued
      • HB-1719: Me.Glyphs and Me.GetGlyph() not returning valid information?
      • HB-1724: Honorbuddy movement fails to go through doors that require 'cast times' to open
      • HB-1725: ProfessionBuddy not moving to Auctioneers outside of ObjectManager view
      • HB-1749: DungeonBuddy: Blackrock Caverns: Unable to find way back into dungeon after doing Vendor run
      • HB-1754: DevTools to show AreaTriggers, WoWMissle, and DynamicObject in a tabs?
      • HB-1755: Skinning issue on multiple mobs
      • HB-1757: AutoEquip: Special considerations for Battlegrounds?
      • HB-1760: ProfessionBuddy: Ignore gear specializations for posting on AuctionHouse?
      • HB-1761: ProfessionBuddy not waiting for 'stack splits' to complete before conducting follow-up action
      • HB-1767: Stay mounted while using Gatherbuddy2?
      • HB-1768: SpellLocation: New mode to move into Range and click at feet of nearest MobId?
      • HB-1770: DoWhen: Support for an AllowUseWhileDead attribute
      • HB-1771: Auchindoun: Follower stuck before Teron'gor having a hard time using the soul transporter
      • HB-1772: Gatherbuddy to support UsableWhen attribute in Vendor and Mailbox entries?
      • HB-1793: BgBuddy doesn't always stop moving after leaving a battlefield causing various mishaps...
      • HB-1797: Protection Warriors don't use ranged Pull
      • HB-1801: Hi Archy; don't stand in the fire!
      • HB-1804: Shifting out of Moonkin form to mount is no longer necessary
      • HB-1808: Molten Core, bot swimming in the lava
      • HB-1817: ArchaeologyBuddy: Unable to blacklist Draenor digsites?
      • HB-1827: DungeonBuddy: Support for The Everbloom (heroic)
      • HB-1834: DungeonBuddy: Support for Blackrock Foundry LFR
      • HB-1836: Auchindoun: Die at first boss due to not getting behind shield
      • HB-1837: DungeonBuddy not making 'lower level' WoD dungeons available in "Farm mode" menu
      • HB-1856: HB API to provide WoWItem.IsCraftingReagent?
      • HB-1860: DungeonBuddy: Upper Blackrock Spire: Need to disable Balance Druid's Starfall AoE attack
      • HB-1863: Talented is not selecting a level 100 talent
      • HB-1868: DungeonBuddy does not recognize Protection Warriors as Tank, if they have Gladiator's Resolve talent
      • HB-1872: Targetting does not work if mounted
      • HB-1880: HB doesn't learn the Socretar's Rise Flight Path
      • HB-1889: Axefall in Spires of Arak is a Horde base
      • HB-1892: Archaeologybuddy does not allow 'Solve settings' for Draenor-specific options
      • HB-1895: BuyItem core function does not function for items with higher quantities
      • HB-1908: Developer Tool fails to generate NPC Names and Ids
      • HB-1919: Honorbuddy needs to support WPF in third-party products
      • HB-1942: Zigzaging in BGBuddy
      • HB-1949: InteractWith: Need to support buying with alternate currencies
      • HB-1951: Problem trying to fly in Orgrimmar's Cleft of Shadow
      • HB-2017: DungeonBuddy: Skyreach (heroic): Rukhran encounter: DPS allowing Solar Flares to get out of hand
      • HB-2033: HB is unable to use flightmasters since 6.1
      • HB-2057: Mounts issue for Druids after introduction of "Travel Form"
      • HB-2058: Tree roots in Gorgond causing Navigation issues
      [SIZE=+1]Singular-specific issues[/SIZE]
      After a discussion with Bobby53, we are no longer capturing issues here against Singular. Bobby53 has a very thorough and efficient work flow that is independent of the HBcore bug tracking process. We will just need to give him time to 'catch up' to the changes imposed by WoD. He is well aware of all the issues that people have been reporting, and just needs time to address them.

      [SIZE=+1]Cannot reproduce[/SIZE]
      Bugs marked as "cannot reproduce" are usually due to problems with your particular Honorbuddy installation. For instance, third-party products that are not working correctly—you should disable Buddy Store streaming for all products. Another cause is interference from external programs or addons. Your best way to recovering from this always starts with a clean install.
      If you continue to experience problems after conducting a 'clean install', and disabling the streaming of all products from the Buddy Store, you should seek help in the Support forum with your log that captures the issue.

      [SIZE=+1]Not a Bug / Won't fix / Overcome by Events[/SIZE]
      [size=-2][Items in DarkBlue are API changes of interest mostly to developers.][/size]


      [SIZE=+1]Bugs in danger of being discarded due to lack of input[/SIZE]

      [SIZE=+1]Already repaired for next drop[/SIZE]
      [size=-2][Items in DarkBlue are API changes of interest mostly to developers.][/size]
      • HB-2086: Problems caused by deferred compilation
        "Expressions are now compiled for ElseIf"

      • The previous 'Known Bugs List' is here.

      • List of Honorbuddy Releases

      • The bugs listed here are only a fraction of our bug work load.
        Many bugs we must address are internal, or not for public consumption.

      • This release is not optimized for performance.
        Performance optimizations will be addressed after whittling down the severe bugs in our list of known bugs.
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      Jul 20, 2010
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      [SIZE=+1]Post dispositions[/SIZE]
      These posts have been archived for the reasons stated here.

      Problem should be resolved in the Support forum
      Frequently, your problem can be resolved with a 'clean install', and turning off the use of all third-party products—including all products from the Buddy Store. There is a strong chance the repair for your issue resides in the HelpDesk. However, if you are unable to resolve the problem using these resources, then by all means make a new post in the Support forum. And please, don't forget to attach your full, unedited log that captures the issue

      Problem should be resolved by contacting the developer of the third-party product
      Using third-party products that have not been updated
      Once again, we draw your attention to the bright red letters in the first post that are easy to overlook

      Missing critical information (logs, screenshots, etc.)
      Your post may also be archived "without comment" for this reason. The posts listed here made an effort to report the problem, but the information provided was insufficient to create a bug report (e.g., wrong log, partial log, screenshot needed, etc)

      Didn't check the "Known Issues" list

      Log is not against the current release
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      Hi, Tomten2,

      Highvoltz indicates this problem has been repaired for the next drop. So, archiving the post-chain as 'handled'.

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