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Honorbuddy v3.0.16981.878

Discussion in 'Archives' started by raphus, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. raphus

    raphus Administrator Staff Member Moderator Buddy Core Dev

    Jun 17, 2010
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    Honorbuddy v3.0.16981.878
    (for patch​

    New features:
      * Questing
        - QuestBot will now immediately skip to an available Checkpoint upon leveling up if the 'SkipToCheckpointsOnLevelUp' quest override is enabled or if a QuestOrder enables it via that 'SkipToCheckpointsOnLevelUp' attribute  (HB-2766)
      * Singular
        - Affliction Warlocks will now cast Shadow Bolt as a filler spell if Drain Soul can't be cast. (HB-3570)
        - Warlock code has been cleaned up a bit.  User settings that are no longer used have also been removed. (HB-3574)
    Bug fixes:
      * ProfessionBuddy
        - 'Sell Item On AH': Fixed a bug that prevented last page in AH query from getting scanned when there were multiple pages. (HB-3575)
      * Singular
        - Warlocks should no longer have troubles summoning pets if the summon setting is set to 'Auto' and the toon is a lower level. (HB-3571)
        - Affliction Warlocks should now properly cast their artifact weapon ability. (HB-3573)
        - Blood Death Knight will now detect if Blooddrinker is being channeled and will no longer interrupt it. (HB-3582)

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    Is it safe to bot?
    Topic thoroughly discussed here: BosslandGmbH:HelpDesk:Is Botting Safe?
    Will you be supporting a 64-bit version of Honorbuddy in this release?
    No. The game developer continues to ship a 32-bit WoWclient. We've had this discussion many times in the past, and the answer is "no, not until its absolutely needed". Here are two posts to get you started:
    Don't know how to launch a 32-bit WoWclient? This article sorts the problem for you:

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