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  • How to properly use TrinityExploreDungeon?

    Discussion in 'Community Developer Forum' started by scizz, Jan 30, 2016.

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      Oct 12, 2012
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      I'm trying to fix up an older profile posted and it's odd because what I posted below at first will run the full dungeon to explore but come the second run or any after until I reset my DemonBuddy...
      <TrinityExploreDungeon questId="1" until="FullyExplored" pathPrecision="30" boxSize="45" boxTolerance="0.01" />

      I will get this every single time:
      [Trinity 2.14.24] World Changed. IsCombatModeOverridden=False
      ToggleTargeting, new values: Looting:True LootRadius:50 Combat:True KillRadius:50
      [QuestTools][ExploreDungeonTag] ExploreDungeon Started
      [QuestTools][ExploreDungeonTag] Dungeon Explorer ignoring already explored nodes!
      [QuestTools][ExploreDungeonTag] Fully explored area! Tag Finished.
      Stopping the bot.
      Right when it enters the dungeon... This is quite frustrating and I'm hoping maybe someone can help explain this a bit better for me!

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