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  • How to sell gold without getting main account banned

    Discussion in 'Ban Section - Ban Reports' started by Brilliation, Apr 23, 2020.

    1. Brilliation

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      Apr 23, 2020
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      I am great at farming gold manually in Classic WoW and I want to start selling some gold.
      My only concern is that my main acc will get banned so I'll list the precautions I'm taking to prevent that from happening:

      * I will make a new account using no credit card for subscription (just buy game time separately). The account will have a fake name and fake mail.
      * I will do all the farming for the gold I'm gonna sell of this new account.
      * The new account and my main account will never have an interaction between each other. This includes text, mail, trade or auction house.
      * I will never login using battle.net (heard battle.net stores a lot of info about the computer which can be detremental).
      * I will buy a proper VPN and use an IP-adress that is not my own. I will not use a free VPN because the IP:s on it have probably already been used by previous gold farmers.
      * I will not tell anyone I know about this in case people run their mouth.

      After taking all these precautions I am still scared that the game stores the ID of my motherboard unit or other hardware. If they have the ID of different hardware of my PC, they will see that the hardware used for my main acc is the same as for the acc I'm farming and selling gold on, and thus my main acc will get banned too, if this other acc gets banned. How do I solve this?

      Please share your ideas guys. If any of u have sold gold before, please tell me what you did to avoid getting caught.

      Thank you [​IMG]
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