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  • I just had to try HB,

    Discussion in 'Ban Section - Ban Reports' started by unbuddy8, Oct 13, 2017.

    1. unbuddy8

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      Oct 13, 2017
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      I am a very low key casual botter, I am always very careful and take all necessary steps I can to avoid detection and not disrupt the game play of others. My last botting service lasted for 2 years without any detection. HB lasted for 2 days.

      You people need to shut this bot down, Bliz was waiting for you guys to get back on so they could do the most damage. If you can't have a low level toon do some archeology for a few hours a day then what's the point.

      1. About your server...
        • Realm: (Duskwood)(Bloodhoof) US;
        • Type: PvE
      2. About the account...
        • Account created after the 10-Nov-2016 banwave? No
        • Account had previous suspensions or bans? No
        • Did you bot on this account even once with Tripwire disabled? No
      3. About account usage...
        • How many (average) hours per day did you bot? (8);
        • What estimated percentage of the time did you supervise your bot? (95)%;
        • How many auctions did you post on this account? (5) auction count; (1) per day; (0) per week;
      4. Did you use any non-Honorbuddy bots with this account? No

      5. Did you use any H4cks, Che4ts, or mods with this account? No
        (If so, please name them.)
      6. Which Combat Routines have you used with this account during the PAST FOUR WEEKS?
        (2) Singular;

        (0) Accessary Routines;
        (0) Gladiator Suite;
        (0) KingWoW;
        (0) ManOfWar;
        (0) Millz;
        (0) Omation;
        (0) RichieCR;
        (0) TuanHA;

        (0) Other third-party (please specify);:
      7. In which of these activities has the account participated as a bot during the PAST FOUR WEEKS?
        (Nope)Gold buying;
        (Nope) Gold selling;
        ( Nope) Game-time Token (bought with game gold);

        ( Nope) PvP: Arena (rated or non-rated);
        ( Nope) PvP: Battlegrounds (rated or non-rated);
        ( Nope) PvP: Zones (e.g., Ashran, Wintergrasp, etc.);

        (2) Archeology sessions (greater than four hours);
        ( Nope) Dungeon diving (mixed human/bot party);
        (Nope ) Dungeon farming (SOLO, or ALL-BOT PARTIES, ONLY; same set of dungeons greater than four hours);
        ( Nope) Dungeon raiding (LFR; 10+ person dungeons)
        ( Nope) Fishing sessions (greater than four hours);
        ( Nope) Garrison maintenance / management;
        ( Nope) Gathering sessions (greater than four hours);
        ( Nope) Questing (only questing purposes OTHER THAN leveling. E.g., dailies, proto-drake hunting, pet acquisition, etc.);

        (Nope ) The account used a 'relogger'
        (Nope ) The account used 'Server hopping';
        ( Nope) The account used VPN;

        Not a dam thing, 6 weeks of waiting, two days of careful low key play and banned
      8. I did nothing not 100% of anything that could have caused caused a detection, this is 100% on HB and your complete lack of ability to keep your program undetected.

      Please attach your most recent Honorbudy log file for the suspended/banned account...

      I could do this, if I knew how and I cared to try. You guys are finished. Whats the point?
      Last edited: Oct 13, 2017

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