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  • Ilum Storyline First Strike(Empire)/Crystall Ball(Republic)

    Discussion in 'Buddy Wing Profiles' started by derFalke, May 31, 2017.

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      Apr 6, 2017
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      To Both:
      [x] explicitly not used any taxi
      [x] User will be prompted for quicktravel so be near the pc :D
      [x] have an empty inventory (50 places) - there are no repairs or sells in the script - stop bot and sell it by yourself the stuff :D
      [x] CompleteQuest has been disabled because each class has onw or two rewards. So i removed it - also if there was one Reward - Rewardindex=0 didn't worked - so please accept by yourselfe the rewards

      Crystall Ball:
      [x] Sensor tower can be buggy - stop bot - do it by yourself and start again (messagebox in the script is also there).The Reasons is that he terrain has many obstacles and there are a lot of mobs - bot works best when there is at least another player doing that quest in that area at the same time :D

      First Strike:
      [x] The Challenge of War can be buggy if no inventory is free or especially you play a mdd, if the bot kicks the 'boss' away - the loot, you need, is not reachable than by the bot

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