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  • Issue with Bot resetting after TP

    Discussion in 'Trinity' started by Cr0nJ0b, Jun 26, 2018.

    1. Cr0nJ0b

      Cr0nJ0b New Member

      Sep 13, 2015
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      I'm having an issue with the bot resetting after TP in T13 Rift. Basically the bot runs the rift, gets about halfway or until stash is full, then TPs home to clean things out, then resets, then clears stash, then goes to entry portal rather than returning through the TP he opened. In this last case, I don't even know why he's TPing back. Just killed goblins, lots of space still, but he decides to TP home and then into the entry portal rather than the TP he created. Logs attached.

      In the earlier run on this log (only 2 runs), the bot clears rift and leaves like 6 legs on the ground because he's full. he goes back home, cleans up, returns through correct portal, but just sits there lost. I think he lost his waypoint or something.

      Also, as an aside he's skipping plenty of chests that are in close proximity. Can't see any pattern to why he skips some and not others. It's not distance and it's not type...just lazy.

      Finally, I'm having the same issue in greater rifts, but it's related to Urshi. My guess is that the bot completes the rift, TPs home to clear stash, then loses his mind and never completes Urshi.


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    2. Tony

      Tony "The Bee" Staff Member Moderator

      Jan 15, 2010
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      thx for your report

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