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  • Issue with HW MSQ Profile and GetTo checks on Gate not active

    Discussion in 'Rebornbuddy Support' started by Mystic, May 1, 2017.

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      Aug 27, 2016
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      Talked to y2k who said to report this here. Using the HW MSQ profile, RB is having an issue when it wants to get to somewhere that the Ishgard to zone gate is not active yet via MSQ. Needs some sorta check in the nav if the quest is completed to be able to use the zone gates in ishgard before trying to navigate to the zones.

      [23:43:32.382 V] [Poi.Clear] Reason: Current behavior changed to GetTo: XYZ: <474.8097, 212.5399, 721.9003>, ZoneId: 397, IsDone: False, HighPriority: True, LineNumber: 2405, InCombat: False, QuestId: 0, StepId: 0, PostCombatDelay: 0, QuestName: null, IsDoneCache: False, Behavior: null, .

      So anytime the profile tells it to go back to ishgard then zone back to another zone, it will just do a constant sprint against the gate back and forth.

      23:43:56.656 D] Moving to next hop: <-188.7119, 14.78094, -58.3877> (Move to <-188.7119, 14.78094, -58.3877> on 418 which leads to <471.4639, 224.0866, 872.8911> on 397) D: 31.74854 [23:43:57.537 N] Sprinting [23:43:57.537 D] DoAction Spell 3 0xE0000000 [23:44:00.773 D] Finished checking gear in 00:00:00.0028528 [23:44:15.844 D] Finished checking gear in 00:00:00.0032169

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