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  • Keybot infernal keys farmer - Profile Edited

    Discussion in 'Demonbuddy Profiles' started by pkfkd, Apr 24, 2015.

    1. pkfkd

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      Sep 15, 2014
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      First, I'm not good in english. so pls understand when I use wrong grammar and impolite.

      Original : https://www.thebuddyforum.com/demon...iles/209960-key-bot-infernal-keys-farmer.html

      I recieved an email like

      I saw you posted that you fixed Buddyme's profile. Thanks for taking the time to fix it.

      Usually people do not mind if you upload changes to their profiles if you acknowledge their work. They only get upset when you claim it as your own.

      Would you mind sharing the profile with me?

      So I decide to share my profile.

      but "this profile is not perfect"

      there is one problem

      the problem is "Destructibles"

      Act3 Stonefort has catapults. It is unbreakable object but Trinity perceives it "breakable"

      So DB try to break it. but it can't.

      You can solve it "Force Ignore Destructibles" or "Skip Destructibles unless Stuck"

      But the problem is... There are Destructibles in Act4 Gardens Of Hope.

      If you set like that, Keybot will stop at act4.

      I couldnt solve this problem and I'm waitting for update.

      only solution is Ignore Act3 and Act4 once.

      Set Skip Destructibles unless Stuck and ignore Act4.

      When you get enough keys. Set Destroy Destructibles and range 2, Ignore Act3.

      If you set "Destroy Destructibles", "Range 2" and do all ACT, It will work but, sometimes DB will be troll.

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    2. TheMuCiT

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      Apr 15, 2015
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      So you cannot give it a new condition? Like, If Act3:"Force Ignore Destructibles" Else:"Skip Destructibles unless Stuck"

      And you might try to set a max timeinterwall to "hunt" the
      Destructibles. like max 4 seconds, and if it still exist ignore it?

      I don't know if this can help you out, I do not know how this bot works with the coding, but GL on trying to find a fix!

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