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  • Looking for something to replace FPS rafbot

    Discussion in 'Honorbuddy Forum' started by thunderclaw, Aug 26, 2016.

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      Jan 15, 2010
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      Hi Guys,

      Its been a long time since I was on this forum actually and weirdly it looks like not much has changed!

      Before I stopped playing wow I was using the fpsware rafbot to basically assist my main in farming dino bones. I would play my main normally and it would attack my target (even combat rez me!) and mount up / follow etc.

      I see this is no longer working and I'm looking for something to replace it. Any ideas? I see basic boxer is also not available to buy / download etc otherwise it sounds like it would fit the bill.

      Thanks in advance for any advice,

      Best regards


      PS. also my lifetimer status has been changed to buddy - doh :)
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