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  • Looking for Staff of herding profile

    Discussion in 'Requests & Discussion' started by firecats, Aug 3, 2017.

    1. firecats

      firecats New Member

      Sep 15, 2014
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      Hi everyone im looking for a profile that take parts for the staff of Herding,specially for the stone in ice cave lv2. i took a look in the forum and i didn't find one that actually work, so if you have one that is update i would like to have it.

      little question too: is this better to use a profile to make staff of herding or to run a goblin hunter profile? (if you have one,send me link please.)
      and i would like to know if i enter into a rainbow goblin portal, will i be able to get spectrum blade?

      thanks you.


      ps: sorry for bad english.
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    2. drizzle206

      drizzle206 Active Member

      Mar 25, 2017
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      unfortunately, the gemstone profile for the staff of the herding isn't working properly...it needs updates on the waypoints...i actually got my gemstones (2) before by running bounties profile when it was working (currently not working either)...

      there are 2 types of the "rainbow" world...one is whimyshire (which is what you would enter if you craft the staff of the herding)...here you can get the rainbow portrait frame, the off-hand hamburger, and spectrum sword...the other world is called whimsydale (sp?)...this is where you can get the cosmic wings...the only place to spawn this is to spawn a rainbow goblin and enter that portal...if the gemstone is the only one you need to craft the staff, i would just try getting it by hand...it can be on any difficultly level...run it a few times a day and you might just get lucky :p it is a very rare drop so plan on farming it for sometime...gl :)

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