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  • Monk SWK WoL avoid melee WoL spawn

    Discussion in 'Requests & Discussion' started by Maxtor87, Jul 31, 2018.

    1. Maxtor87

      Maxtor87 New Member

      Jul 30, 2018
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      Hi, I'm new to DB so this might be a noob question/request. I'm looking for a monk "combat profile" with this set where it won't spawn WoL at melee. The profiles that I found so far rather use it at melee combat and what is worse, they don't care about the avoidance of the enemies dangerous skills (like Orlash Lightning Breath) as long they have mana to keep spamming WoL. So is there a way to fix this and I haven't figured it out yet or maybe a profile that have the right settings for this build? Thanks in advance.

      Link to the Build---> https://www.diablofans.com/builds/95935-sunwuko-wol-gr115-season-14-video
    2. dum dum

      dum dum Member

      Jul 13, 2018
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      I don't play a monk so I don't have much in the way of direct insight to help you. Avoidance settings can be tweaked on the Trinity configure menu. There is a tab labeled "Avoidance" that may give you a bit more control on what to avoid and when. But to be honest, those setting pretty much suck. Barring that have you tried the chinese version of the Sunwuko WoL routine? Maybe it works better, maybe it doesn't. I wouldn't know, but you're welcome to try.

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