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  • Multiple botbases and general code.

    Discussion in 'Community Developer Forum' started by nt153133, Dec 7, 2019.

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      I combined my small botbases (AutoTradeAccept, IshgardHandin, Retainers, Reduce/Desynth, MasterPieceSupplyTester) into one library and github. Drop the whole file into Botbases. They use the offset manager from deepdive to keep and share offset patterns. There also is the RemoteWindows for RetainerList, Trusts, and the ishgard handin...they use a custom RemoteWindow abstact class. The Agent for trust interaction. The code is there for the auto repair plugin using a vendor window spawned anywhere is in the repo but you'd have to move that to a plugin folder.

      Most of self explanatory but I'll explain a few

      Retainers - will move to the nearest summoning bell (have one in sight) and cycle through all retainers (it'll know how many you have and their names) and auto deposit any items in your inventory that are also in the retainer. It will then combine any stacks that are shared between retainers. It will also check your saddle bag and move items from there into them. It will also gather the gil from your retainers. There are some options in the settings window.

      MasterpeiceSupplyTester - Is just a proof of concept to pull the Rowena's current collectable turn-ins

      Reduce/Desynth - AE reduce any reducible items in your inventory and Desynth any of the trust items or if the setting is checked any items < 10000 DesynthesisIndex (prevents desynth near lvl 80 items, useful for retainer venture crap). There's a option in settings that lets it run constantly or stop after one run.

      I'm still merging stuff over, cleaning up the older projects like retainers and switching things to patterns for constants but any new non-deep dive related botbase or window reversing will be added into this repo. Any questions find me on my discord or any of the other RB ones.

      Kayla D'orden

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