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  • (N)Dustwallow Marsh herbing or mining

    Discussion in '150-225' started by Stew, Sep 20, 2014.

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      Feb 6, 2011
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      Title says it all, I couldn't find any profiles for goldthorn in dustwallow marsh, so I made one myself. I've been testing it about a half an hour with no problems. It's not amazing, but it'll do. I don't see why this path couldn't be used to mining as well. Created as horde, has neutral mailbox at mudsprocket, as far as I can tell it's a neutral profile, no issues as horde, and doesn't go into any horde camps. using with GB2

      goldthorn-dustwallow.jpg I used this path from Goldthorn Farming - Best places to farm Goldthorn - WoW-Professions

      [Gatherbuddy2]: Stopped gatherbuddy after gathering 14 nodes in 0h 25m 6s.
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Khadgar's Whisker: 4
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Goldthorn: 4
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Liferoot: 4
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Fadeleaf: 1
      [Gatherbuddy2]: Kingsblood: 1

      hope it works for everyone else!

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