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Navigation/mesh errors and problems - POST THEM HERE!

Discussion in 'Honorbuddy Forum' started by raphus, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. raphus

    raphus Administrator Staff Member Buddy Core Dev

    Jun 17, 2010
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    1. WHERE: We need Hotspots and zone / continent to see WHERE you have the issue
      Kezan - Stupid Fence (Goblin Starter Zone)        
      <Hotspot X="861.4886" Y="2757.773" Z="119.2409" />
      <Hotspot X="847.2615" Y="2747.261" Z="118.2723" />
      Nav Tab:
      Loading LostIsles_27_21
      How to get a hotspot:
      → Settings & Tools
      → Developer Tools - at the bottom left
      → double-click on the <0, 0, 0> in the "Local Player Info" group
      → capture the <Hotspot ... /> reported in the Honorbuddy scrolly Log window​

    2. HOW: We need a screenshot to see HOW you are being affected
      Attach the picture just like a Log - How To Attach A Log [Kick]

      The screenshot tells us things like:
      • Are you stuck/being tripped up by a terrain decoration at the toon's feet?
      • Is a low hanging branch/doorway/cairn ensnaring the toon's head?
      • Are you a large-form or small-form toon?
      • Are you mounted when the issue occurs?
      • Are you blindly walking into a fence or the side of a hill?
      • Are you standing on a terrain feature we can install a 'jump link' on?
      • etc (other terrain-induced geometry problems.)
    3. WHAT: We need a log file to see WHAT the bot was doing.
      How To Attach A Log [Kick]

      Not all navigation problems are caused by the Navigator / Mesh. Such problems can frequently be caused by misbehaving Bots, Plugins, or Profiles.

      The log file tells us things like:
      • What botbase, plugins and profile are active.
      • What the bot was doing when the issue occurred
      • The location bot is trying to move to
    Please make one post per bug so that i can easily archive it when it's done!
    Archived posts will be found here

    • If you're in a phased area, we need to know!
    • If it's a holiday, we need to know *exactly* which gameobjects that you get stuck on, not just like 'oh yeah, remesh every town in the game' .
    • Honorbuddy does not navigate under water.
      Please do not report navigational issues related to underwater movement.
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  2. Svenstar123

    Svenstar123 Member

    Dec 24, 2012
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  3. @alisha

    @alisha Well-Known Member Buddy Store Developer

    Sep 29, 2012
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    Toons often do fall to lava when traveling mounted across this bridge:


    Due to navigator use too close path to one of bridge sides (edges)

    This is common issue not only for this bridge but for all bridges in whole for new HB3 Nav system - It always try to move across bridge on once of it's edges instead of prefer to use center of bridge.

    Map: Legion, Azsuna
    Location: <Hotspot X="-257.5609" Y="7477.364" Z="89.1747" />

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