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  • [O][FSH] Coerthan Oyster

    Discussion in 'Fishing profiles' started by Jaden, May 9, 2016.

    1. Jaden

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      May 9, 2016
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      I would like to share my profile for Coerthan Oyster here. If something is totally wrong or if there is better code already out there let me know, always trying to improve myself. For this profile to work you will need Exmatts stuff. Furthermore the setup for food (use food + which food or no food) and your fisher gear is required inside the *.xml. And don't try to fish for them without the folklore book.
      On ff 14 angler there is confusing information for wheather and times, so I left it out for the moment. If anyone does indeed know if some weather or a specific time is better for the oyster post it here.

      View attachment [O][FSH]Coerthan Oyster.xml

      Have fun with it.
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