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[OLD] Leaguestones plugin

Discussion in 'Exilebuddy Guides' started by ExVault, Mar 11, 2017.

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  1. ExVault

    ExVault Moderator Moderator Buddy Core Dev

    Oct 23, 2013
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    This plugin provides basic leaguestone usage on the Legacy league. It also handles interaction with new NPC Yama the White/Generous, who spawns when corresponding leaguestone is active.
    Plugin works only with new bots, OldGrindBot is unsupported.

    Internally plugin runs in 2 modes.

    When QuestBot is active:
    Plugin will equip all newly found leaguestones if current area satisfies level requirements.
    Plugin will unequip leaguestones that are no longer satisfy level requirements of current area.
    In town, if player has free slots for leaguestones, plugin will search them in stash tabs that are specified for leaguestones in EXtensions.
    When equipping leaguestones from stash, plugin cannot exactly determine which level is good to go since monster level in town and world areas differs greatly. Instead, plugin will try to guess the proper leaguestone level by comparing it with player's current level.

    When MapBot is active:
    Plugin will not equip leaguestones as they are found. All of them will be stashed first and then taken from a stash tab where plugin can evaluate the whole pool and choose the ones with highest priority.
    Plugin will use only endgame leaguestones, the ones without max level requirement. As a result, check for leaguestones that are no longer satisfy level requirements of current area becomes redundant and plugin will not do it while mapping.

    How to add an affix:
    Go to pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Leaguestone and scroll down to Prefixes and Suffixes. Values you need are in Effect(s) column.
    Final leaguestone priority is combined priority of the stone and it's affixes.
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