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    Discussion in 'Questing Profiles' started by WoWuser123, Dec 20, 2015.

    1. WoWuser123

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      Aug 4, 2011
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      What will this do:
      This will turn in all DotH quests for all 8 crafting classes. Currently it will only do the 1 to 50 quests, but I'm planning to add the others as I'm levelling my alt's crafting classes.
      Carpenter updated to 60 in v1.1.

      What won't this do:
      Craft the items needed, you need to provide them (melded where needed).

      Required Items!
      Maple Lumber
      3 x Square Maple Shield
      12 x Ash Lumber
      Feather Harpoon
      Ash Shortbow
      Iron Lance (Materia Enhanced)
      HQ Walnut Lumber
      HQ Walnut Cane
      HQ Oak Longbow
      HQ Oak Composite Bow
      HQ Cobalt Halberd
      HQ Jade Crook
      HQ Yew Longbow
      HQ Rosewood Lumber
      HQ Crab Bow (Melded with Savage Aim Materia III)

      HQ Holy Cedar Composite Bow
      HQ Dark Chestnut Rod
      3 x HQ Birch Lumber
      HQ Adamantite Trident

      Bronze Ingot
      3 x Bronze Cross-pein Hammer
      12 x Bronze Rivets
      Spiked Bronze Labrys
      Bronze Spatha
      Iron Cross-pein Hammer (Materia Enhanced)
      HQ Steel Ingot
      HQ Plumed Iron Hatchet
      HQ Steel Bhuj
      HQ Wrapped Crowsbeak Hammer
      HQ Cobalt Shamshir
      HQ Buccaneer's Bardiche
      HQ Cobalt Knuckles
      HQ Cobalt Winglet (Melded with Savage Might Materia III)

      Bronze Ingot
      3 x Bronze Hoplons
      12 x Bronze Plate
      Decorated Bronze Barbut
      Bronze Buckler
      Iron Hoplon (Materia Enhanced)
      HQ Steel Ingot
      HQ Steel Chainmail
      HQ Steel Frypan
      HQ Mythril Cuirass
      HQ Mythril-plated Caligae
      HQ Reinforced Mythril Elmo
      HQ Mythril Sollerets
      HQ Cobalt Haubergeon (Melded with Heaven's Eye Materia III)

      Copper Ingot
      3 x Copper Gorget
      12 x Copper Rings
      Fang Earring
      Brass Gorget
      Staghorn Staff (Materia Enhanced)
      HQ Silver Ingot
      HQ Malachite Earrings
      HQ Fire Brand
      HQ Horn Staff
      HQ Electrum Circlet (Zircon, Amber and Spinel)
      HQ Black Pearl Ring (Melded with Piety Materia III)

      3 x Leather Choker
      12 x Hard Leather
      Hard Leather Caligae
      Hard Leather Choker
      Goatskin Leggings (Materia Enhanced)
      HQ Toad Leather
      HQ Toadskin Jacket
      HQ Boarskin Ringbands
      HQ Boarskin Smithy's Gloves
      HQ Fingerless Raptorskin Gloves
      HQ Raptorskin Targe
      HQ Raptorskin Choker
      HQ Raptorskin Jerkin (Melded with Gathers Grasp Materia III)

      Hempen Yarn
      3 x Hempen Breeches
      12 x Hempen Cloth
      Cotton Scarf
      Cotton Shepherd's Slops
      Cotton Acton (Materia Enhanced)
      HQ Undyed Velveteen
      HQ Velveteen Gaiters
      HQ Linen Shirt
      HQ Woolen Tights
      HQ Woolen Beret
      HQ Woolen Gown
      HQ Woolen Gaskins
      HQ Patrician's Bottoms
      HQ Patrician's Coatee
      HQ Patrician's Wedge Cap

      Distilled Water
      3 x Antidote
      12 x Beeswax
      Potion of Intelligence
      Potion of Dexterity
      Engraved Hard Leather Grimoire (Materia Enhanced)
      HQ Natron
      HQ 3 x Weak Blinding Potion
      HQ Hi-Ether
      HQ 3 x Hi-Potion of Strength
      HQ Mega-Potion of Intelligence
      HQ Mega-Potion of Mind
      HQ Mega-Potion of Vitality
      HQ Budding Rosewood Wand (Melded with Quicktongue Materia III)

      Maple Syrup
      Grilled Trout
      2 x Grilled Dodo
      Meat Miq'abob
      Dried Prunes
      Aldgoat Steak
      HQ Smoked Raptor
      HQ Ratatouille
      HQ Blood Currant Tart
      HQ Pastry Fish
      HQ Chamolile Tea
      HQ Dzemael Gratin
      HQ Eft Steak
      HQ Beef Stew
      HQ Trapper's Quiche
      HQ Crowned Pie

      - Unzip 'DotH Class Quest v1.0.zip' into your profiles folder (anywhere you want), but make sure you also have the custom folder for the extra tags.
      - Turn off autoequip addons as they may equip items you need to turn in and you can't turn in equiped items.

      None, just switch to a class ingame and it will do the quests for that class.

      Possible issues:
      - I've only seen this once, but I've had a window open up to talk to an NPC. When I hit 'esc' the bot continued the profile and turned in the quest. I'm not sure if it's a one-time thing or if it's a problem with that quest and I can't check anymore since I've already turned it in and I don't have any other characters to test.
      - If you have duplicate items of the ones that need to be melded the bot may attempt to turn in the non-melded items, resulting in not getting credit.

      - 'Quest Items DotH 1-50 JSON.zip' is also included. These are .json files to be used with Lisbeth if you want to craft the needed items. Keep in mind that you'll need good enough stats in order to get the HQ items needed.
      - The pathing isn't optimised, nor will it use aethernet. I don't think this will matter much as you'll only have to run this once and another minute shouldn't matter.
      - Work in progress, the level 50-60 quests will be added later. It may take a month or so because my time will be limited during the holidays.

      1.0 Initial version, all classes 1-50
      1.1 Added Carpenter Quests up to 60

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    2. WoWuser123

      WoWuser123 Member

      Aug 4, 2011
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      Carpenter is updated to 60. I wasn't able to test this fully yet as I don't have a char to do it.
    3. Draod

      Draod Member

      Jan 15, 2010
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      Thx for your Profiles. I will try them later with my crafter :)

      Edit: Tested ALC and worked like a charm.
      Last edited: Dec 29, 2015
    4. hkme

      hkme Member

      May 12, 2014
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      Thank you. It is working.
    5. viper1

      viper1 New Member

      Nov 14, 2015
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      Great work on this! Any timeframe to do 50-60 on the others?


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