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  • [Order Bot]Fishing Dravanian Smelt

    Discussion in 'Fishing profiles' started by Ulfgi, Dec 6, 2015.

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      Oct 9, 2012
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      Hello Everybody

      Im a Realy Noob in XML but i make a profile for Fishing some Dravanian Smelt for Red Scripts. The Profile is for Order Bot and you need ExBuddy`s Plugin. I would Share with you, and if anybody want`s take a look closer too it and make some Changes feel Free. I just simply Copy+Paste most of the things but for me it Working for 2 Hours, and get`s me 8 Dravanian Smel`s in this Time.

      ExBuddy Plugin: https://www.thebuddyforum.com/rebor...plugin-fish-v3-0-profiles-support-thread.html

      Look that you have alot of Brute Leech for using this Profile :)

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