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    Discussion in 'Grinding Profiles' started by Cannibal, Sep 22, 2015.

    1. Cannibal

      Cannibal New Member

      Aug 8, 2015
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      I'm getting into profile writing and wanted to share some of my profiles.
      The profiles are for Order Bot and are used to grind for specific materials used by crafters.
      The main gathering spell used is King's Yield to maximize normal item gain. For shards / crystals the according spell is used to boost crystals.

      This project is a work in progress, check back from time to time, maybe you'll be able to find something you like.

      If you are interested in any of the files below check out my Github for the files.
      The Repo is a bit messy, so you might want to use the following link to easier find what you need: https://github.com/Daxda/Rebornbuddy-Mining/find/master

      List of profiles ranging from level 5 - 45 (currently max) mining nodes.
      Central Shroud - Granite
      Central Shroud - Raw Amethyst
      Central Shroud - Raw Peridot
      Central Shroud - Wind Shard
      Central Thanalan - Bone Chip
      Central Thanalan - Copper Ore
      Central Thanalan - Fine Sand
      Central Thanalan - Lightning Shard
      Central Thanalan - Muddy Water
      Central Thanalan - Ragstone
      Central Thanalan - Rock Salt
      Central Thanalan - Solied Femur
      Central Thanalan - Tin Ore
      Central Thanalan - Wind Shard
      Central Thanalan - Zinc Ore
      Coerthas Central Highlands - Ice Shard
      Coerthas Central Highlands - Jade
      Coerthas Central Highlands - Raw Zicron
      East Shroud - Grade 2 Carbonized Matter
      East Shroud - Green Pigment
      East Shroud - Wind Crystal
      East Shroud - Wind Shard
      Eastern La Noscea - Raw Aquamarine
      Eastern La Noscea - Raw Garnet
      Eastern La Noscea - Raw Goshenite
      Eastern La Noscea - Water Shard
      Eastern Thanalan - Alumen
      Eastern Thanalan - Fire Crystal
      Eastern Thanalan - Fire Shard
      Eastern Thanalan - Grade 2 Carbonized Matter
      Eastern Thanalan - Raw Amber
      Eastern Thanalan - Raw Fluorite
      Eastern Thanalan - Raw Malachite
      Eastern Thanalan - Raw Rubellite
      Eastern Thanalan - Red Pigment
      Eastern Thanalan - Saltpeter
      Eastern Thanalan - Wyvern Obsidian
      Lower La Noscea - Brown Pigment
      Lower La Noscea - Earth Crystal
      Lower La Noscea - Earth Shard
      Lower La Noscea - Grade 2 Carbonized Matter
      Lower La Noscea - Raw Sunstone
      Lower La Noscea - Yellow Pigment
      North Shroud - Earth Shard
      North Shroud - Potter's Clay
      North Shroud - Raw Lapis Lazuli
      North Shroud - Raw Sphene
      Northern Thanalan - Grenade Ash
      Northern Thanalan - Wind Shard
      Shards (Additional shard yield profile)
      South Shroud - Black Alumen
      South Shroud - Earth Rock
      South Shroud - Effervescent Water
      South Shroud - Ice Rock
      South Shroud - Ice Shard
      South Shroud - Raw Spinel
      South Shroud - Raw Tourmaline
      South Shroud - Silver Ore
      South Shroud - Silver Sand
      South Shroud - Wind Rock
      Southern Thanalan - Bomb Ash
      Southern Thanalan - Grade 2 Carbonized Matter
      Southern Thanalan - Lightning Crystal
      Southern Thanalan - Lightning Shard
      Southern Thanalan - Mythril Ore
      Southern Thanalan - Mythril Sand
      Southern Thanalan - Purple Pigment
      Southern Thanalan - Raw Heliodor
      Southern Thanalan - Silex
      Upper La Noscea - Brimstone
      Upper La Noscea - Earth Shard
      Upper La Noscea - Electrum Ore
      Upper La Noscea - Electrum Sand
      Upper La Noscea - Fire Rock
      Upper La Noscea - Lightning Rock
      Upper La Noscea - Marble
      Upper La Noscea - Raw Turquoise
      Upper La Noscea - Siltstone
      Upper La Noscea - Water Rock
      Western La Noscea - Fire Shard
      Western La Noscea - Grade 1 Carbonized Matter
      Western La Noscea - Grade 2 Carbonized Matter
      Western La Noscea - Grey Pigment
      Western La Noscea - Ice Shard
      Western La Noscea - Limestone
      Western La Noscea - Mudstone
      Western La Noscea - Raw Danburite
      Western La Noscea - Sunrise Tellin
      Western Thanalan - Blue Pigment
      Western Thanalan - Cinnabar
      Western Thanalan - Copper Ore
      Western Thanalan - Copper Sand
      Western Thanalan - Fire Shard
      Western Thanalan - Grade 2 Carbonzied Matter
      Western Thanalan - Iron Ore
      Western Thanalan - Iron Sand
      Western Thanalan - Muddy Water
      Western Thanalan - Obsidian
      Western Thanalan - Soiled Femur
      Western Thanalan - Tin Ore
      Western Thanalan - Water Shard
      Western Thanalan - Zinc Ore


      Shit breaks or babies die? Report bugs in this thread.
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    2. carson4560

      carson4560 New Member

      Sep 23, 2015
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      Hey, when i run (Western Thanalan - Obsidian) The bot runs to the spot then sits still.

      [20:09:19.169 D] Requesting path on 140 from <43.82013, 56.85692, 348.287> to <43.98956, 57.51729, 356.3801>
      [20:09:19.233 D] Generated path to <43.98956, 57.51729, 356.3801> in 00:00:00.0641446 ms
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    3. Cannibal

      Cannibal New Member

      Aug 8, 2015
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      Thanks carson4560, I fixed this profile (and more). It should work now, please redownload the whole following directory (in case you've downloaded all the profiles)
      \Profiles\Mining\Thanalan\Western Thanalan\Lv10MineralDeposit
    4. Trittium

      Trittium New Member

      Aug 8, 2015
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      can you make it an svn

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