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    Discussion in 'Fishing profiles' started by becto, Aug 9, 2017.

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      Disclaimer: I am providing this to you as is and I am not responsible for you getting caught by white knights using this profile.

      You have my permission to change whatever you see fit and I will not be maintaining this code.

      I wrote this to see if it could be done without any spearfishing support. It looks bot-ish as it has to navigate from node to node and call to use Gig.

      It will not change your Gig, as there is no method I know of that will do this. I suppose you can add a keyboard command to make it work, but for my purpose with spearfishing, simply change gig size that is needed. Also, when going to Loch, it appears the MovementManager.StartDescending command may make the bot go crazy when entering the water, so it is best just to start in the water for that area.

      Please don't ask me to add this fish or that fish. I am giving this to you so that you will be able to create a profile on your own in hopes that the community can build upon this and make it better. I HIGHLY suggest that you do NOT use this with others that are spearfishing the same spots. This looks bot-ish and there is nothing I can do to fix that apart from changing the order of the nodes it goes to.

      To use, just change the "0" flag to "1" within the profile.
      <!DOCTYPE Profile [
      <!-- Profile Settings -->
          <!ENTITY Tamamizu "0"> <!-- Normal Gig: Swordtip -->
          <!ENTITY KobayashiMaru "0"> <!-- Large Gig: Motley Beakfish, Amberjack -->
          <!ENTITY LochSeldSE "1"> <!-- Normal Gig: Ivory Sole, Carpenter Crab-->

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