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  • [PAID] [Omation] Garrison Jukebox

    Discussion in 'Garrison' started by Reviir, Apr 13, 2015.

    1. Reviir

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      Mar 10, 2010
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      Click Start & Go!!!​

      What does this profile do?

      • Does the quest for your jukebox
      • Farms the scrolls for your jukebox


      • [QB] = Questbot
      • [PB] = Profession Buddy

      Known Issues:

      Who we are:
      Omation Creations is comprised of Reviir, Gatherit, Wired420, ZooooooM. We are a bunch of old school hardcore farmer's and botters. We have been around here for years and years and years We all joined in 2010 during HB1 and have been developing ever since :)

      In January it all just kind of came together and we all band'd together and formed up Omation Creations. And we have been kicking ass and taking names ever since. We now have over 450 profiles in available + not to mention 1 CR complete 1 CR on the way and a bot base incoming.

      We strive for every Profile / CR / BotBase to follow 1 rule.... Click Start & Go!!!

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