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    Discussion in 'Honorbuddy Support' started by eniac, Oct 18, 2012.

    1. eniac

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      Jul 22, 2010
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      Hi my name is Daniel and I'm a meshdownloading victim ;)

      I'm pretty sure the problem of not beeing able to download meshes is network related.

      What I have tried so far:
      1. Using proxis from USA, UK, Swiss (im located in germany) to get a connection to the server (didn't work)
      2. tracert what i think seems to be the meshserver ip. The path had timeout after only 2 "knotpoints" (knotenpunkte, dunno the english term)
      3. Whined on the forum^^
      4. got on irc, apparently there was a guy from the US who didn't have any issues at all,
      a guy from canada, who had the issue since 3 days,
      and me ,got the issue just 2-3 hours ago.
      We checked whether the US guy was connected to the same ip with Hb, as i was. well that's the case (apparently I'm not really connected, the connection just dies all the time)
      5. flushed my dns entrys, did not help
      6. did what i should have done in the first place ^^ So here are the PathPing files.

      I hope that helps debugging.

      keep up the good work HB team you're awesome

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    2. CodenameG

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      Jan 15, 2010
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      thank you for your path files, they are much appreciated.

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