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  • [Plugin] DiaCollector - community driven item data (Updated) Coming Soon!

    Discussion in 'Plugins' started by d133294, Mar 16, 2016.

    1. d133294

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      Jun 23, 2013
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      Community driven / Crowd-sourced item data
      Author: rrrix
      Updated: d1g1t4l
      Version: 2.4.2

      View the stats on (Coming Soon)
      Original Post by rrrix: DiaCollector

      Diablo 3 is about one thing: Items. This plugin is unique to the game int that it will anonymously collect and analyze item data from our bots. There are many sites that specialize in reading the Battle.Net item API for your character. There are a few ways that the bot can properly stash, salvage and sell items - Trinity scoring and ItemRules. The biggest shortcoming in the bot I personally see is that I continually have to clear my stash of Legendaries which I'll never use, aren't upgrades, and should be much easier to filter out. ItemRules are powerful, but has a steep learning curve and is not easily customized. Trinity scoring is good, but it's too simple. We need a new Item Manager, but how? We need Item Data first!

      This plugin will not do anything specifically for you personally. It won't stash items for you, or tell you which items are better than others. It has no scoring features. There's no configuration at all. It does not change the behavior of your bot.

      It does one thing: Silently watches, collects, and shares your item data.

      What does it collect?
      1. tem data from any identified legendary or misc item
      2. All Item fields, (specifically, every Property on ACDItem and ACDItem.Stats)
      3. Your IP address. This is accessible only by me, is not visible to the public or made available via any API. I will not do anything with it. I only collect it for security purposes, in case someone starts sending me bad/spam data or tries to hack the site, I can blacklist them.

      What does it NOT collect?
      1. Your battle-tag
      2. Your character/hero names
      3. Normal, Magic, and Rare item data (except if it's a Misc item)

      OK... what now?

      After we collect all the Item Data from every bot, we can use it:
      1. A new Item Manager with a powerful UI that anyone can use. Never want to stash a 2H Staff again? ... Check!
      2. Custom class-specific combat routines that require specific builds and specific item sets. That new monk build with that fist weapon... easy...
      3. Proper item scoring, driven from data from items that have dropped for real players (er... bots).
      4. Any community developer can leverage it for many, many other purposes.

      I've created a website that stores it all in a centralized database and is viewable by anyone: DiaCollector (Yes i am building a new one like diablo fans, but with your input from solo and SimpleFollow builds)

      It's a work in progress, I plan on adding a download of the full raw item data and any other features if anyone wants them (JSON API maybe?).

      Thanks for sharing your items with us!

      View attachment DiaCollector 2.4.2.zip
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    2. Nomorerulz

      Nomorerulz New Member

      Aug 29, 2013
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      I really like the idea and I'm really into learning machine right now so it sounds perfect to me even if it's human driven :D
      Downloading this today :)
      Good job seriously!
    3. Recklessness

      Recklessness Member

      Feb 24, 2016
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      Any updates here bro?
    4. ShivaAU

      ShivaAU New Member

      Jan 30, 2016
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      Last week he shipped out to Iraq ... He wont be updating for a while sadly.

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