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[Plugin] KeepOnMoving - Stuck handling and more

Discussion in 'Movement' started by mh66, Jul 9, 2016.


What do you intend to use/already use⌠ KEEP oи MOVING ⌡ for?

  1. Leveling chars with Questing Bot?

    26 vote(s)
  2. GatherBuddy2

    22 vote(s)
  3. Other

    9 vote(s)
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  1. mh66

    mh66 Community Developer

    Jun 21, 2016
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    Main purpose of this plugin is to jump in whenever Honorbuddy has trouble solving questing situations when your char would normally idle and eventually log out. When I started developping ⌠ KEEP oи MOVING ⌡ it mainly consisted of a very simple unstucking and hearthing routine whereas nowadays lots of helpful routines have been added in order to speed up and facilitate questing even more.

    Thanks to all the great suggestions I have received, ⌠ KoM ⌡ has become a very powerful tool box for handling a decent amount of situations.




    With new questing pack Echotiger introduced some very clever functions that could be enabled while questing. Unfortunately, some of them will interfere with functionalities of ⌠ KoM ⌡.

    In order to weigh those against each other, I provided a list of features that will interfere with each other:


    ꙰ Stuck Handling
    As Anti-Stuck might prevent stucks before they could be detected by ⌠ KoM ⌡ (depending on settings), unstuck procedure - including movements, reloading and using hearth possibilities - will not be triggered

    ꙰ Motionless Procedure
    Same as above-mentioned. Reloading, hearth, etc. will not be triggered if Anti-Stuck will intervene


    ꙰ Harvest Mobs
    Mobs cannot be harvested if they weren't looted before. If Custom Looting prevents mobs from being looted, they cannot be harvested.


    As I am working on implementing all herbalism and mining specific ranks, I will provide this chart indicating current rank coverage:


    ꙰ Leystone
    # 1:
    # 2:
    # 3:

    ꙰ Felslate
    # 1:
    # 2:
    # 3:

    ꙰ Infernal Brimstone
    # 1:
    # 2:
    # 3:

    ꙰ Empyrium
    # 1:
    # 2:
    # 3:


    ꙰ Aethril
    # 1:
    # 2:
    # 3:

    ꙰ Dreamleaf
    # 1:
    # 2:
    # 3:

    ꙰ Foxflower
    # 1:
    # 2:
    # 3:

    ꙰ Fjarnskaggl
    # 1:
    # 2:
    # 3:

    ꙰ Starlight Rose
    # 1:
    # 2:
    # 3:

    ꙰ Felwort
    # 1:
    # 2:
    # 3:

    ꙰ Astral Glory
    # 1:
    # 2:
    # 3:

    Not yet implemented
    Successfully tested



    ꙰ Low Graphic Mode
    Sets render scale to 0.1 and max FPS (frames per second) and max background FPS to 20 while running in order to raise FPS (may be useful for low level CPUs/GPUs or multi botting)

    ꙰ Getting New Mails
    Whenever char has new mail and is near mailbox, new mails get read and attachments obtained. If you set up a new char, you could e.g. send container items or gold to this particular char and as soon as a mailbox is nearby, those will be obtained.

    ꙰ Flightmaster Handling
    New flight paths automatically get learned or refreshed if nodes on this continent haven't been updated within the last 23 hours. This will work while flying as well as long as flight master is in line of sight.

    ꙰ Prevent Refreshing Taxi Nodes
    Prevents refreshing taxi nodes.

    ꙰ Infinite Mode
    Forces Honorbuddy to start bot base again although it might have been stopped due to an error. Can only be stopped by ticking off plugin or disabling in settings menu.

    ꙰ Setting Pandaren Faction
    When a faction is chosen, message box asking for faction whenever starting quests are loaded, will be skipped.

    ꙰ Speed Looting
    Speeds up looting as mobs are looted even though char might still be in combat (loots only when lootable mob is within interact range).

    ꙰ Transportation Bugs
    So far only zeppelin from Orgrimmar and ship from Stormwind to Northrend is handled. At times these transportation are bugged without Honorbuddy being able to get to Northrend. If these bugs occur, char will take alternative route via Undercity/Menethil.

    ꙰ QuestFrame Bug
    Prevents quest frame bug by closing frame before bug is triggered.

    ꙰ Avoiding Blackspots
    Will take alternative routes when char is near certain blacksports Honorbuddy has trouble navigating out of.

    ꙰ Forcing MountUp
    Forces char to mount up if distance to next ClickToMove location is greater than defined value.

    ꙰ Prevent Hovering
    Prevents hovering with flying mount and switches to ground mount instead (happens in zones when flying skill is already learnt but profiles are coded for running/walking).

    ꙰ Resurrection Timer
    Forces Honorbuddy to resurrect at spirithealer if this amount of time has passed and char is still dead.

    ꙰ Monitoring Reviving
    If char is dying to often at certain spot after being revived, resurrection at spirit healer is forced.

    ꙰ Disable AutoInteract
    When Honorbuddy is paused/stopped "AutoInteract" is set to false (walking by using right-click)

    ꙰ Checking For Updates
    Checks for update on startup.

    Note: Update sound can be disabled from settings menu.

    ꙰ Learning "Artisan" And/Or "Master Riding"
    Learns "Artisan" And/Or "Master Riding" whenever in Orgrimmar/Stormwind and conditions meet.

    ꙰ Forcing Cat Form For Feral In Combat
    At times Singular has issues not using cat form for feral while in combat; this forces cat form whenever in combat and being skilled as feral.

    ꙰ Setting Specialisation
    Forces specialsation to the one defined in settings menu (useful for low level chars that will switch specialisation when reaching level 10).

    ꙰ Dismounting Next To Target As Melee
    Seems like when flying, HB dismounts a few yards away from target instead of dismounting next to unit (Singular settings don't have any influence on that). Dismounts right next to unit and immediately starts combat.

    ꙰ Disabling Flying on Broken Isles
    Prevents HB from flying on Broken Isles

    ꙰ Set TravelForm As Mount
    Sets TravelForm as mount as soon as they will get learnt; forces TravelForm whenever other mount was used by HB.

    ꙰ Attacking Rare Mobs
    Attacks rare mobs whenever close to them.

    ꙰ Getting Treasures
    Loots treasure chests.


    ꙰ Declining Guild Invites
    Automatically declines guild invites.

    ꙰ Declining Party Invites
    Automatically declines party invites

    ꙰ Declining Duel Invites
    Automatically declines duel invites


    ꙰ Stopping At SkillMax
    Stops Honorbuddy when all selected gathering professions skills are maxed out.

    ꙰ Stopping At Level
    Stops Honorbuddy when certain Level is reached.

    ꙰ Stopping With Quest
    Stops Honorbuddy when certain quest is accepted.

    ꙰ Stopping At "Nothing more to do"
    HBRelog profile can be loaded when HB stops due to profile not offering more tasks to perform.

    ꙰ Stopping With Item
    Stops Honorbuddy when certain item is received.

    Note: Multiple items supported.

    ꙰ Stop Action
    HBProfile to be started when stop is triggered.

    ꙰ Stopping HBRelog Profile
    Stops current HBRelog profile when stop is triggered.

    ꙰ Stopping With Message
    Stops Honorbuddy when certain message is printed to log.


    ꙰ Unstucking Procedure
    Uses random jumping, strafing, turning movements to get out of stuck position. If char is still stuck, profile is reloaded and hearthing procedure started.

    ꙰ Disabling Stuck Handling
    Prevents ⌠ KoM ⌡ from handling stucks

    ꙰ Stuck Log
    Adds detailed information on stuck situation to log.

    ꙰ Speed Tolerance
    When char's speed falls below this percentage of default speed, StuckCount will be increased for this tick.

    Note: Decrease to slow down, increase to speed up stuck detection.

    ꙰ StuckCount Threshold
    If StuckCount reaches this value, char is considered as being stuck and unstuck handling is triggered.

    Note: Increase to slow down, decrese to speed up stuck detection.

    ꙰ Forcing Dismount
    Immediately dismounts when being on ground mount and stuck is detected.

    ꙰ Preventing Stuck
    Prevents stuck by dismounting when stuck is caused by being mounted (e.g. when entering buildings)


    ꙰ Pre/Post Stop
    Stops Honorbuddy before/after hearthing.

    ꙰ Class Specific Spells
    Char could use class specific spells instead of hearth items (Death Knight's "Death Gate", Monk's "Zen Pilgrimage" or Druid's "Teleport: Moonglade"/"Dreamwalk")

    ꙰ Hearth Items
    Uses items like "Flightmaster's Whistle", "Dalaran Hearthstone", "Garrison Hearthstone", "Orgrimmar"/"Stormwind Portal Stone" and ordinary "Hearthstone".


    ꙰ Motionless Procedure
    Tries to reload profile and uses unstucking and hearthing procedure if char still won't move.

    ꙰ Motionless Log
    Adds detailed information on motionless situation to log.

    ꙰ Customisable Timer
    Starting motionless procedure after this amount of time not having moved has passed.

    Note: This amount is fix to 5.5 minutes for "questing profile pack" as some timers are hardcoded to 5 minutes.

    ꙰ Objective Timer
    Starting motionless procedure after this amount of time objective has not changed.

    Note: Shouldn't be activated for GatherBuddy2 as it is mainly designed for Questing Bot.


    ꙰ KillBetweenHotspots
    Sets "KillBetweenHotspots" to "false" (this property is used in old classic profiles and will slow down questing progress in case char is equipped with heirlooms)

    ꙰ Reloading Profile on LevelUp
    Reloads current profile when char has leveled up.

    ꙰ Prefer AutoLoader
    Prefers AutoLoader instead of current profile whenever profile is reloaded (skips unneeded quests in case char is leveling faster than profiles are designed to).

    ꙰ Using New Questing Pack
    Uses new questing pack instead of old one.

    ꙰ Abandonning Low Level Quests
    Abandons low level quests.

    ꙰ Getting Garrison Ressources
    Gets garrison ressources whenever chest spawns in garrison.

    ꙰ Prevent Disable Addons
    Prevents disabling of game addons while using new questing pack.

    ꙰ Custom Loader
    Prefers cutom loader whenever profile is reloaded


    ꙰ Sorting Bags
    Sorts bags whenever item related action is taken.

    ꙰ Opening Items
    Opens openable items (clams included).

    ꙰ Combining Items
    Combines all combinable items like pre herbs/ores or e.g. volatiles.

    ꙰ Mailing Items
    Mails items to mail recipient whenever MailFrame is visible

    Note: Honorbuddy usually doesn't send cooking materials or low level flasks/potions that will unnecessarily fill up bags.

    ꙰ Learning Toys
    Learns toys automatically.

    ꙰ Removing Known Toys Items
    Removes any item whose corresponding toy has already been learned.

    ꙰ Managing Containers
    Always equips best in slot containers.

    ꙰ Removing Low Level Quest Items
    Removes low level quest items.

    ꙰ Learning Pets
    Learns pets automatically.

    ꙰ Using Ancient Mana Items
    Uses ancient mana items.

    ꙰ Using Reputation Items
    Uses reputation items.

    ꙰ Collecting Transmogrification Items
    Collects transmogrification items.


    ꙰ Training Traits
    Travels to artifact forge and trains traits whenever available.

    ꙰ Using Artifact Knowledge Items
    Uses artifact knowledge items.

    ꙰ Using Artifact Power Items
    Uses artifact power items.

    ꙰ Protecting Artifact Relics
    Protects artifact relics from being vendored.

    ꙰ Applying Artifact Relics
    Applies artifact relics into artifact weapn.


    ꙰ Developer Logging
    Logs a lot of additional information for debugging occuring issues.

    Note: Not visible by default unless you change from "Normal" to "Diagnostic" log level in Honorbuddy settings.

    ꙰ Removing PlayerName
    In case PlayerName is written to log, it immediately gets removed from it.

    ꙰ Runtime Logging
    Logs a huge amount of routine runtimes in order for me to improve code in regard of performance. As this setting will literally flood log, this should be enabled for troubleshooting or benchmarking only

    Note: Not visible by default unless you change from "Normal" to "Diagnostic" log level in Honorbuddy settings).


    ꙰ Node Handling
    Whenever a node appears, ⌠ KoM ⌡ will evaluate if this particular node is worth being harvested concerning skill level, surrounding mobs, etc. and starts gathering. After having tested some chars, skill level for herbalism and mining is usually at 700 when reaching level 100. (up to 110 still needs to be tested)

    ꙰ Preferring Nodes
    Prefers certain type of nodes.

    ꙰ Harvesting Mobs
    This routine can be enabled from settings menu and allows harvesting of herbalism or mining related mobs.

    ꙰ Training
    Skill stages will automatically get learned whenever possible by training at closest trainer.

    ꙰ Legion Ranks
    Quest items and quests progression for herbalism and mining will be monitored, so quests will get automatically accepted or turned in when conditions meet. Some quests still need to be completed manually and will be automated in a later build (see "Rank Status" in this very post).

    ꙰ Killing Node Npcs
    Kills node npcs (e.g. like "Withered Hungerer") in order to get more herbs/minerals.

    ꙰ Gathering foxflowers from Frenzied Fox
    Gathers foxflowers spawning when Frenzied Fox appears.


    ꙰ Training Archaeology
    Hearths back to Orgrimmar/Stormwind and trains archaeology.

    ꙰ Selling Trash
    Automatically sells trash using Tundra's Mammoth/Grand Expedition Yak when char has more than 10 grey items in bag.

    ꙰ Buying Fragments
    Buys fragments from Brann Bronzebeard in Pandaria.

    Note: "Open Items" should be enabled as fragments couldn't be used otherwise.

    ꙰ Going To Pandaria
    If char reaches skill level 525, char will automatically hearth to Orgrimmar/Stormwind in order to take portal to Pandaria.

    ꙰ Going To Draenor
    If char reaches skill level 600, char will automatically hearth to Draenor.

    ꙰ Going To Broken Isles
    If char reaches skill level 700, char will automatically hearth to Broken Isles.

    ꙰ Instant Digging
    Forces char to stop and dig instantly whenever aura is active.

    ꙰ Killing Ancient Haunt
    Kills ancient haunt in order to get more fragments.

    ꙰ Prevent Looting
    Prevents looting of regular mobs.


    ꙰ Smart Jump Detection
    Prevents jumping if char is mounted on flying mount, flying, in narrow conditions like stairs, etc.

    ꙰ Customisable Intervals
    Sets interval boundaries within a randomly times jumps is to be perfomed.


    ꙰ FPS Treshold
    If FPS (frames per seconds) fall below this value, TPS (ticks per seconds) are instantly set to minimum FPS. Otherwise TPS will slowly increase to maximum TPS.

    Setting available ↀ



    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - Fixed some more bugs whenever a file is loaded


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - Settings window couldn't be opened
    - Char couldn't reach Npc for Brimstone - Rank 2
    - Prequest conditions for Brimstone - Rank 3 fixed
    - Heirlooms weren't properly created

    ꙰ Minor change
    - Removed "Use Artifact Knowledge Items"


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - Stuck detection will take speed decreasing auras into consideration
    - Some rank related items were removed due to "Remove Low Level Quest Items"
    - Prequests for Brimstone (Rank 3) fixed
    - Reload after hearthing didn't work properly
    - Rankhelper wasn't triggered in some situations
    - When char dies while trying to kill rare mob, rare mob gets blacklisted
    - Added timeout for looting
    - Low level quest threshold set to current level - 5
    - Fixed isssue where char got stuck in "Switch Node" loop
    - Rare situation could cause "Train Traits" behaviour to bug out

    ꙰ Functionality added
    - Getting treasures
    - "PreferRareMobsToNodes" for "Attack Rare Mob" setting
    - Create and equip heirlooms
    - Added "Custom Loader" to load instead of AutoLoader of questing profile pack
    - TaxiFrame will get closed on BotStart to prevent certain bugs
    - Adapted MaxTime for getting node, interacting with flightmaster, etc. so it's dependent on path length
    - Learning Pets
    - Another stop setting added: "Stop Message" will scan log for specific messages
    - Using reputation items
    - Using ancient mana items
    - When reaching level 98, AutoLoader gets loaded in order to jump to legion quests
    - Added "Dreamwalk" for druids as hearth spell
    - Applying artifact relics
    - Added lockouts for dungeon quest (felslate) in order to detect if char has been locked out of boss fight
    - Added loot information to log
    - Fixed WoW bug when having read mails by reloading UI
    - Getting transmogrification template
    - Dungeon quest for felslate added
    - Stuck locations get blackspotted

    ꙰ Setting added
    - Get Treasures
    - Custom Loader
    - Create Heirlooms
    - Lern Pets
    - Stop Message
    - Use Reputation items
    - Use ancient mana items
    - Apply Artifact Relics
    - Get Transmogrification Template
    - Enable Dungeon Quest (Felslate)
    - Blackspot Radius

    ꙰ Minor change
    - "Prevent Hovering" renamed to "Get Off Ground"
    - Stop settings moved to separate category


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - Stuck detection triggered while doing quest #39440 and #40078 as speed decreasing aura being applied
    - Quests were turned in, although being disabled
    - Speed Loot didn't loot while being in combat
    - Mount up issue fixed caused when being in aquatic form
    - Pick quest for felslate didn't work properly for GatherBuddy2
    - Turned in quests weren't at times properly detected
    - Speed Loot interfered when char has already started a cast
    - Bug in HB database prevented certain type of quests from being accepted
    - One type of quest frame was not properly detected
    - Mobs couldn't be properly looted/harvested while flying
    - Node Npcs will henceforth not get attacked if they have already been tagged by another player

    ꙰ Functionality added
    - Added ceiling of herbalism trainer in Dalaran to blackspots
    - Forces travel form whenever it is set in HB settings and HB tries to use another mount
    - Added another condition for issues with flying navigation
    - Rank quests get blacklisted for 2 hours in case quest giver does not yet provide them
    - Prefer Node: Certain type of nodes can be preferred
    - Taxi nodes will get refreshed in case a new HB update has been performed and taxi data has been removed
    - Certain methods will not be triggered when char has just been revived from being dead
    - Felwort and Infernal Brimstone will be gathered in case char is nearby and world quest is active
    - Certain methods will not be triggered while RankHelper is loaded
    - Starlight rose dust gets protected from being vendored in case Rank 3 hasn't been turned in yet
    - Use Artifact Knowldge Items: Items increasing Artifact Knowledge will be used
    - Bug when char is stuck in combat will now get detected by Motionless procedure and certain type of combat escape abilities used (like invisibility)
    - Dalaran Hearthstone will be used when turnin in or accepting quests from Npcs in Dalaran
    - Corrupted settings will be restored to default
    - Attack Rare Mobs: Rare mobs will get attacked when being close to them
    - Train Traits: Whenever a new trait can be learnt, char will travel to artifact forge and aquire new traits (very few classes supported yet)
    - Test Mode: As low chars will tend to die while doing certain rank quests, I have implemented them but disabled by default. In order to enable them, choose the corresponding "Test Mode" from settings menu
    - Added fjarnskaggl - rank 3 (Test Mode)
    - Added starlight rose - rank 3 (Test Mode)
    - Added dreamleaf - rank 3 (Test Mode)
    - Added dungeon quest for felslate - rank 2 (Test Mode)
    - Added felslate (deposit) - rank 3 (Test Mode)
    - Added felslate (seam) - rank 3 (Test Mode)
    - Added felslate (living) - rank 3 (Test Mode)
    - Added infernal brimstone - rank 2
    - Added felwort - rank 2

    ꙰ Setting added
    - Prefer Node
    - Use Artifact Knowledge Items
    - Attack Rare Mobs
    - Train Traits
    - Test Mode

    ꙰ Minor change
    - Default value for "Prevent Hovering" set to false
    - Default value for "Motionless Timer" increased to 60 seconds
    - Reworked detection of new mails to improve performance


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - When disabling flying on Broken Isles, HB was not able to fly while being dead
    - At times char jumped when he actually could fell off mesh
    - Rank quests henceforth protected from being abandonned when quest log is almost full
    - Toon should now successfully kill and loot/gather node npcs (like Wihered Hungerer)
    - Reworked item and quest npc ids for ranks
    - Whenever spawn npcs spawn (leystone and felslate rank 3) any other action gets prevented and/or stopped
    - Rankhelper couldn't be loaded while not using Questing Bot
    - Nodes couldn't be gathered beyond skill max
    - Toon gathered mining nodes although only "Herbalism" was selected and vice versa
    - KoM couldn't resurrect char at Spirit Healer
    - A WoW frame bug caused plugin to loop after getting new mails
    - KoM didn't detect opening of certain quest frames
    - While doing quest "Hatchlings of the Talon" (Id: 41094) unstucking routine interfered with quest logic
    - Gathering node routine is triggered although char has just revived and is low in health

    ꙰ Functionality added
    - Added one more quest npc location for rank quests
    - Added leystone - rank 2
    - Added felslate - rank 2
    - Added aethril - rank 2
    - Added dreamleaf - rank 2
    - Added fjarnskaggl - rank 2
    - Added starlight rose - rank 2
    - Using artifact power items
    - Protecting artifact relics from being vendored
    - Added more node npcs for ensuring being killed and looted/gathered (e.g. Leystone Basilisk, Nightmare Creeper, etc)
    - KoM will henceforth take being in Travel Form into consideration while gathering herbs
    - Handling nodes can henceforth be set to "Disabled" (so neither bot base nor plugin will gather nodes)
    - When Travel Form is set, KoM will force it to be cast whenever HB tries to move while being mounted on another mount
    - Foxflowers spawning from Frenzied Fox will be gathered
    - HBRelog profile can be started when HB stops due to profile having no more tasks to perform
    - Unstuck routine is triggered when char is caught in prevent stuck loop
    - Char will exit vehicles on BotStart to prevent unforseen behaviour
    - Added some more conditions to detect mesh issues
    - Toon had trouble casting Travel Form while swimming

    ꙰ Setting added
    - Use Artifact Power Items
    - Protect Artifact Relics
    - Stop At "Nothing more to do"

    ꙰ Minor change
    - Low level quests will only get abandonned when quest log is almost full
    - Improved performance for checking for spawn npc
    - Detailed rank info printed to log
    - Speeded up preventing disabling addons on BotStart


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - Fixed possible bug while being a neutral Pandaren
    - Char wouldn't land while flying before harvesting mob
    - Pandaren profile for new profile pack will get chosen correctly
    - Fixed possible bug while turning in quest

    ꙰ Functionality added
    - KoM can henceforth prevent HB from flying on Broken Isles
    - Added npcs for felslate rank 3
    - RankHelper: Will in future releases be responsible for handling more complex rank quests
    - Gather Grey Nodes: Harvesting nodes although they will not increase skill

    ꙰ Setting added
    - Disable Flying on Broken Isles
    - Gather Grey Nodes

    ꙰ Minor change
    - Navigation will get cleared before trying to intervene
    - Added additional information for debugging accepting quest for felslate and leystone rank 3


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - Fixed some bugs concerning accepting and turning in rank quests

    ꙰ Functionality added
    - Added locations for rank related quest npcs

    ꙰ Minor change
    - Simplified some lines of code


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - Char didn't harvest mob
    - Char didn't loot mob that should be harvested
    - Spam when attacking Withered Hungerer
    - HB didn't realise map change while using class hearth
    - Learnt Artisan and Master Riding although just one was set
    - Goblin discount was not considered for calculating gold needed for flying skill
    - Frame bug couldn't be handled while in combat
    - Training skills performed while escorting or using transport

    ꙰ Functionality added
    - Blackspot in Shattrath added
    - Henceforth char will train at closest skill trainer instead of hearthing back to OG/SW
    - Prevent disabling game addons while using new questing pack

    ꙰ Setting added
    - Prevent Disabling Addons

    ꙰ Minor change
    - Performance improved when setting gathering professions related HB settings
    - Profile won't get reloaded on LevelUp when using new questing pack


    ꙰ Functionality added
    - Will set TravelForm for ground/flying mount as soon as spell is learnt.

    ꙰ Setting added
    - Handle Nodes (lets you choose who is responsible for handling nodes: BotBaseOnly, PluginOnly, Both)


    ꙰ Setting added
    - Gather Nodes
    - Train Skill(s)

    ꙰ Minor change
    - In order to prevent hovering, char will first try to start flying navigation and will then switch to ground mount if unsuccessful


    ꙰ Functionality added
    - Fixes a bug of ArchaeologyBuddy when no fragments can be looted as they are already maxed out
    - Fixes a bug of ArchaeologyBuddy when Flightor has trouble landing right next to find spot


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - Blackspot in Valley of Four Winds interfered with some archaeology digsites
    - Legion ranks were not handled
    - Fixed a possible bug while handling transportation bug
    - Reworked blackspot in Swamp of Sorrows
    - ArchaeologyBuddy didn't reevaluate digsites when continent switched
    - Portal stone was used for switching continent to Draenor or Broken Isle when Garrison/Dalaran Hearthstone was on CD

    ꙰ Functionality added
    - While waiting for cooldown on hearth item remaining time is printed to log every 10 seconds

    ꙰ Setting added
    - Speed Looting (can henceforth be turned off)


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - QuestFrame Bug of HB couldn't be prevented properly
    - Unstuck routine triggered right after having mount up
    - Motionless timer didn't reset during combats, loading screens, while having resurrection sickness, etc.
    - Some quests were abandonned although not being low level
    - Getting new mails routine triggered although setting was set to false
    - Hearth item couldn't be used when combat mob started
    - ArchaeologyBuddy wasn't able to properly recognize continent change after taking portal
    - Hearth routine was in endless loop if char was already in hearthstone area
    - Added some more conditions to prevent false positive stucks

    ꙰ Feature added
    - Removing low level quest items
    - Learning draenor items
    - Prevent looting of regular mobs for archaeology

    ꙰ Functionality added
    - Some additional logging while being dead added
    - When selling trash items that can't be sold will get destroyed
    - Force dismount to prevent HB from flying away from fragment spot
    - Instead of trying to prevent hovering by switching to ground mount, char will try to get off ground instead (experimental)

    ꙰ Setting added
    - Removing low level quest items

    ꙰ Minor change
    - Unstuck routine will only descend if char can't fly up
    - Routine for getting new mails will be performed faster


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - Added setting to prevent some false positive stucks
    - Visibility of frames not properly recognized

    ꙰ Feauture added
    - HB can be set to stop when certain item is received

    ꙰ Functionality added
    - Added blackspot in Swamp of Sorrows
    - Added whole cliff line between Valley of Four Winds and Krasarang Wilds to blackspots
    - Instead of switching to ground mount, char will try to get off ground to prevent hovering

    ꙰ Setting added
    - Stop With Item

    ꙰ Minor change
    - Simplified some code
    - Increases timeout for update checker
    - Added some addititional information to stuck log
    - Improved some code with regard to performance


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - ProfileChange to AutoLoader caused quests to be turned in
    - Potential bug for location of TurnInNpc fixed
    - Bug when opening items propably fixed (can't tell for sure until debug profile has been used)

    ꙰ Functionality added
    - IDs of TurnInNpcs will first search last profile and local folders before using
    - Added another property to check if char is off mesh

    ꙰ Minor change
    - Edited a typo in Settings
    - Slightly improved looting method concerning speed


    ꙰ Functionality added
    - Detects if HB is stuck in a MountUp loop and starts unstucking routine
    - Multiple stop quest IDs can now be set

    ꙰ Feature added
    - Kills ancient haunt while skilling archaeology in pandaria in order to get more fragments
    - Kills withered hungerer while gathering nodes on Brokes Isles in order to get more aethril and starlight roses

    ꙰ Setting added
    - Settings can henceforth be exported and imported

    ꙰ Minor change
    - Looting routine slightly improved concerning speed


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - Exception when char has low level and training gathering skills activated
    - Performance decreased while approaching gathering node
    - Blacklisted "Kolkar Booty Key" for mailing routine
    - Unstucking was not triggered while being mounted and in combat. Will henceforth only be prevented while actually being in combat
    - DefaultSpeed for swimming was not calculated properly.
    - Prevents reloading profile when still being in combat on LevelUp
    - Ensures bag items are valid before performing routines
    - Exception while turning in quests
    - Exception when using item having no item effect
    - Blacklisted "Mage Hunter Personal Effects" for opening routine as it needs to be opened by questing profile

    ꙰ Feature added
    - New questing pack supported
    - Forcing cat form for feral in combat
    - Dismounting next to target as melee
    - Turning in completed quests on ProfileChange

    ꙰ Functionality added
    - Char will set hearthstone to OG/SW even when in surrounding zones (Durotar / Elwynn Forest)
    - New LandAndDismount radius added in order to dismount close to node
    - Some more logging while approaching node added
    - Immediately dismounts when char has already been stuck at one spot the last few seconds to prevent unstucking routine
    - In case char stand off mesh, unstucking routine is triggered to bring char back on mesh.
    - When using new questing pack, quests get abandonned when having a level 3 minor to char's one in order to prevent filling up quest log
    - When runtimes of routines will exceed tick length, ticks per seconds are reduced to prevent lagging
    - Hearths back to OG/SW when next flying stage could be learnt
    - Added blackspot in Storm Peak

    ꙰ Setting added
    - Set type of questing pack

    ꙰ Minor change
    - Some typos in Settings edited
    - AutoEquip disabled while getting new mails to prevent interference
    - Runtime log will highlight first 6 items
    - Improved runtime by checking events firing when frame opens


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - Stuck caused exception if no object is nearby and so none could be written to log
    - Dismount/Mount loop before entering transportation
    - HB's stuck routines for ground navigation weren't properly removed
    - Now properly recognizes if cat form has already been learnt
    - Char was not moving to correct node location resulting in not getting it
    - Stuck handling didn't work properly if char was mounted and in combat
    - One quest item couldn't be opened by quest logic as it has already been opened by plugin
    - Added check to ensure char is not jumping off mesh
    - Profile didn't reload when taking alternative transportation route due to a bug

    ꙰ Functionality added
    - Added ceiling of "Cleft of Shadows" in Orgrimmar to blackspots added
    - If several hearthstone items could be used, the one with no/the lowest cooldown time left will be used
    - Ordinary hearthstone can now be used in Draenor and Broken Isles as well as long as it is set to those continents

    ꙰ Setting added
    - Check if hearthstone is set to unfavourable area and setting procedure itself can now be disabled

    ꙰ Minor change
    - Looting routine has been moved to each tick, so looting will be performed quicker than before
    - Default settings' values for Jumping and Stuck changed to improve stuck detection and make jumping intervals more realistic
    - Reason why char is hearthing back to Capital added to dev log
    - Routine bringing char out of one specific blackspot simplified
    - GUIDs will henceforth be logged a safer way


    ꙰ Bug fixed
    - Char used hearthstone before set to capital city
    - PathGenerationFailed error with Flightmaster
    - Char couldn't set hearthstone to Orgrimmar properly
    - Hearthstone area check threw exeption


    As I have totally reworked the main logic, added several new features, fixed a lot of bugs and this particular changelog might be longer than the features list, I decided to refer you to this list instead. :)


    Thank you for letting me use some of your code regarding use and detection of (garrison) hearthstone, hooking into "InGame_Check" level and adding information to log as well as your layout as template for this thread.

    Thank you for all the effort you put into your work and sharing it for free - I have learned so much from studying and adapting your code!

    Thank you for the clever idea of adjusting tps according to fps. (

    Thank you for letting me use your settings menu as template for my plugin. (

    Thank you for answering so many questions concerning C# and HB API I couldn't find any answers for.

    Thank you for letting me use your code concerning transportation usage.

    Thank you for letting me use your approach for disabling flying.

    Thank you for giving me some decent information about some rank quests, for all the hours you spent testing my inofficial build and giving highly valuable advice.

    Thank you for helping me out with some data for new features and your advice.

    Thank you for all the time you tried my builds so I could improve this plugin.

    Thank you for the smart plugin for detecting and escaping combat bug. (


    Let me know, if you have one or two ideas in mind how to improve this plugin.

    If you experience any issues, always post a full log.
    Here's a guide how to attach log files: > Guide <

    ”He who is not given any decent information,
    shall not be able to solve anything.”

    (C# the Almighty)


    If you like my work, you may want to consider donating as developping and testing new features takes a lot of time. Feel free to leave some kind words in the comment section below. ;)



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    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
  2. justjames

    justjames Member

    Mar 13, 2010
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    I came here looking for a plugin that does this. I've installed and currently running it. Will let you know if there is a problem. Thanks for your contribution.

    Got DC'd first time I got stuck. It did attempt to get unstuck though. I was in Gorgorond.

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    Last edited: Jul 11, 2016
  3. ryftobuddy

    ryftobuddy Banned

    Aug 19, 2011
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    I'd be interested to get some feedback from some users.

    The main problems with these types of plugins in the past is that after they unstuck, they attempt to get back on path and move right back to the original stuck spot again.

    If someone has a character that can do gorgrond, there's a spot near Highpasswhere the bot gets stuck about 90% of the time using Kicks profiles. I don't have any characters at that level anymore or I'd test it myself.
  4. Azhemoth

    Azhemoth Active Member

    May 8, 2013
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    Here's an old Plugin that EchoTiger made a while back but never released.

    It doesn't use Pulse(){} at all. Instead it hooks directly into the botbase.
    Instead of using anti-stuck maneuvers, it hearths and reloads the profile.
    Garrison hearth if in Draenor.

    I think it also reloads the profile everytime your character levels up, that way checkpoints are invoked more often.

    Some of the code in it may be useful for you: View attachment AzyulQuestingOptimizer.cs
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2016
  5. mh66

    mh66 Community Developer

    Jun 21, 2016
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    This plugin will remember the last stuck point and increases the distance that has to be covered, before "stuck" is flagged to false. If a bot gets stuck on the very same spot over and over again, I assume it's rather related to mesh data than to a profile or plugin.

    Thank you, Azhemoth for this link. I was looking for code that could do exactly that.

    I will implement it and reupload an improved version.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2016
  6. mh66

    mh66 Community Developer

    Jun 21, 2016
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    - No more Pulsing, instead hooked into Questbot
    - DC issue fixed
    - Improved unstuck procedure (usually less than 10 seconds)
    - Reload profile when char levels up
    - MOTIONLESS procedure added
    - LOGGING procedure added
    - RELOAD PROFILE procedure added
  7. xseekx

    xseekx Member

    Apr 27, 2010
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    Is this updated and working?
  8. mh66

    mh66 Community Developer

    Jun 21, 2016
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    I didn't upload it here in this thread but I am using it for leveling my toons. I will upload it in a minute
  9. mh66

    mh66 Community Developer

    Jun 21, 2016
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    - Issue while on taxi fixed
    - increased delay when KOM starts bringing back movement
    - slightly increased delay when KOM starts unstucking
    - added for all botbases
    - while using Kickz' leveling profiles, KOM will reload "Auto Loader v2" instead of subprofiles
  10. xseekx

    xseekx Member

    Apr 27, 2010
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    I was running into an issue where it would hearth on stuck, but not resume botbase. Is this fixed in 1.2?
  11. ehsan16

    ehsan16 New Member

    Nov 16, 2014
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    I wanted you to add mount also, to do all the following jumpes etc with mount! Thanks!!!
  12. mh66

    mh66 Community Developer

    Jun 21, 2016
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    Could you attach a logfile please? I can't solve issues without it.

    Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by that.
  13. speshulk926

    speshulk926 Community Developer

    Dec 8, 2014
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    Based on that incoherent text, I think what he's saying is do you support being unstuck while mounted? "to do all of the jumpes etc with mount" i'm assuming he meant move around and jump with mount to get unstuck. Just a guess!
  14. mh66

    mh66 Community Developer

    Jun 21, 2016
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    KOM doesn't dismount, it will start unstuck procedure the way you got into the stuck issue. It's actually HB itself that performs the dismount action.

    I don't want to mess around too much with HB's internal unstuck methods as I would have to add several checking routines to assure it's in fact better staying mounted and prevent HB from dismounting
  15. mh66

    mh66 Community Developer

    Jun 21, 2016
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    -Detection of loading screens added
  16. tony9321

    tony9321 New Member

    May 10, 2014
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    not loading

    sorry but plugin 1.2.1 not loading for me
    1.2 work
  17. mh66

    mh66 Community Developer

    Jun 21, 2016
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    Thank your for your feedback.

    - "not all code paths return a value" fixed
  18. tony9321

    tony9321 New Member

    May 10, 2014
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    don't work


    can you please update your plugin for HB3?

  19. mh66

    mh66 Community Developer

    Jun 21, 2016
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    Could you post a log with error messages?
  20. tony9321

    tony9321 New Member

    May 10, 2014
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    no error, just not loaded in plugin

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