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  • [PLUGIN] Log Disabler - Disables the creation of log files.

    Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Elektrozoider, Apr 13, 2019.

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      LogDisabler plugin for DemonBuddy


      LogDisabler is a plugin to disable the creation of log files.

      DemonBuddy performs thousands and thousands of disk I/O write operations in short periods of time for writing to log files; this can reduce the life of your hard-drive and also can cause an overall negative performance impact on your machine if other programs are requesting to perform other disk I/O operations simultaneously.

      If you don't need to view/manage the log files created by DemonBuddy, then there is no good reason why you are still allowing it to create these logs. To prevent this behavior, LogDisabler can be used to deny write permissions for the current user on the 'Logs' directory inside DemonBuddy folder.

      Note that this plugin does not disable logging messages in the user-interface, you can still use DemonBuddy settings to disable that.





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