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Pokefarmer - Update Thread

Discussion in 'Pokefarmer Forum' started by HatchingEgg, Jul 30, 2016.

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  1. HatchingEgg

    HatchingEgg Moderator

    Jul 29, 2016
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    Hey Community,
    this is the offical Pokefarmer Update Thread. This post contains the changelog of all released versions.

    Changelog for Pokefarmer 03/03/2017 (Build 184)
    • Changed: Updated settings for berry logic
    • Fixed: "Minor Text Fixes"

    [B]Changelog 02/18/2017 Build 180 (Build 178)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Pokefarmer uses a new Map Provider now.
    [*]Changed: Updated several translation files (Korean, Chinese and Italian)
    [*]New Feature: All Generation 2 items are supported now.
    [*]New Feature: Use Nanapberry, Pinapberry while catching Pokemon. Check out the brand new Berry Strategies in Pokefarmer settings.
    [*]New Feature: Added Swedish translation.
    [*]Fixed: Not available Generation 2 icons are displayed as question-mark icon.
    [B]Changelog 02/16/2017 (Build 178)[/B]
    [*]Added additional walkspeed options
    [*]Added UL-Incubator settings
    [*]Added Select / Deselect all in Logic Settings
    [*]Fixed double attempts with the same incubator
    [*]Fully updated for the new API and Gen 2 Support
    [*]Added egg logs under the egg section
    [*]Fixed "Minor Text Fixes"
    [B]Changelog 02/02/2017 (Build 175)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Updated to Pokemon GO API 0.55 / 1.25.0
    [*]New Feature: Added option to export Pokemon Stats to a CSV file. 
    [*]New Feature: New Incubator settings.
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer does not ignore waiting time on manually executed tasks if it is paused. (Transferring, Evolving etc.)
    [*]Fixed: Minor Text fixes.
    [B]Changelog 01/22/2017 (Build 174)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Pausing Pokefarmer and executing user actions is now available.
    [*]New Feature: Powerup a Pokemon to Maximum in "My Pokemon" UI.
    [*]New Feature: Skip Pokemon if Pokeball count is < X
    [*]Fixed: Sometimes Pokefarmer queued up all waiting delays and executed them after the tasks were finished
    [B]Changelog 01/20/2017 (Build 170)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Minor API fixes.
    [*]Pokefarmer is ready for Pokemon GO 1.23.1 (iOS) which is 0.53.1 (Android)
    [B]Changelog 01/11/2017 (Build 168)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Transfer Pokemon is now using multiple transfer option from Pokemon GO and does not use single transfers anymore.
    [*]New Feature: Scrolling in log messages is now possible. It only auto-scrolls if the scrollbar is aligned vertically to the bottom.
    [*]New Feature: Resizing of Pokefarmer's log message window is now possible.
    [*]Fixed: Evolve timings are using the real timings of an evolution just like in Pokemon GO now.
    [*]Fixed: After a level up the EXP/H is not messed up anymore and displays accurately.
    [*]Fixed: After finishing an enqueued user action rethinks about what to do next, to prevent "silly bot behavior".
    [B]Changelog 01/06/2017 (Build 167)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Transfer Pokemon manually option was moved to the bottom to prevent users from transfering their loved Pokemon by accident.
    [*]Fixed: Random pausing at Pokestops do work as expected now.
    [*]Fixed: Favorite Pokemon are not evolved automatically anymore.
    [*]Fixed: Rules of "Catch Pokemon if Count/CP/IV" <> X are evaluated properly now.
    [B]Changelog 12/26/2016 (Build 166)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Search & Replace for Rules
    [*]New Feature: Search & Remove for Rules
    [*]New Feature: Append new Rule to multiple Pokemon
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer only evolves if enough Candy for the specific Pokemon exists.
    [*]Fixed: Incorrect candy display in Pokemon UI.
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer ignored wait timings if multiple tasks were pending.
    [B]Changelog 12/23/2016 (Build 165)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer transfers again if the Inventory is full. 
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer does not attempt to loot a Pokestop anymore if the inventory is full.
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer does not transfer the wrong Pokemon if IV equals another Pokemon and logic is set to keep highest IV and CP.
    [B]Changelog 12/22/2016 (Build 164)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Added Button to reset Pokemon Rules to default
    [*]Changed: Changed default Transfering setting to be "Keep 3 of each with highest Default"
    [*]Changed: Pokemon Rules are updated properly in GUI after changing the rules. 
    [B]Changelog 12/21/2016 (Build 163)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Updated Pokefarmer to latest 0.51 API.
    [*]Changed: Experience is fixed finally.
    [*]Changed: Removed old Transfer and Do not Catch settings, replaced by new logic behavior engine.
    [*]Changed: Pokefarmer does not attempt to transfer your Buddy Pokemon anymore.
    [*]New Feature: There is a new logic rule editor that allows you to setup rules (Catch, Do not Catch, Transfer, Evolve) for
    specific Pokemon. It even supports combined rules.
    [*]New Feature: Auto-Evolve is now possible with the Rule Editor.
    [*]New Feature: You can import/export Rules and share them with the Community.
    [*]New Feature: It is possible now to transfer a Pokemon based custom CP/IV amount, total Pokemon Count.
    [*]New Feature: It is possible now to catch/do not catch a Pokemon based custom CP/IV amount, total Pokemon Count.
    [*]New Feature: Inventory is interactable now. 
    [*]New Feature: Use Lucky Egg while botting from Inventory view on the right side.
    [*]New Feature: Use Incense while botting from Inventory view on the right side.
    [*]New Feature: Put an Incubator to a user choosen Egg while botting from Inventory view on the right side.
    [*]New Feature: Minor text fixes.
    [*]New Feature: Custom rename of a Pokemon in My Pokemon UI is now possible.
    [*]New Feature: Do not transfer shiny Pokemon if you have them (0.51 feature).
    [B]Changelog 12/17/2016 (Build 159)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Implemented option to solve Captchas automatically using 2Captcha service.
    [*]New Feature: Pokefarmer supports now SOCKS5 proxys. Check your proxy settings.
    [*]Changed: Manual Captcha solving does not freeze anymore and 'Beeps' once a Captcha is encountered.
    [*]Changed: Removed obsolete Device settings that were not longer used.
    [*]Changed: Fixed calculation of required XP to next level.
    [B]Changelog 12/15/2016 (Build 158)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Handling Captchas does not freeze Pokefarmer anymore.
    [*]Changed: Pokemon that hatched from Eggs are not marked as "Unknown" anymore.
    [B]Changelog 12/14/2016 (Build 156)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Added the new Pokemon to Pokefarmer. :)
    [B]Changelog 12/13/2016 (Build 155)[/B]
    [*]We have updated Pokefarmer to support Pokemon GO 1.11.9 // 0.49. Enjoy it. :)
    [B]Changelog 11/17/2016 (Build 153)[/B]
    This is a hotfix release. Build 152 had a little visual only bug that leads to incorrect display of Pokemon on map. We have removed the Pokemon timer element on the map for now. It's coming back next update, without that visual bug. 
    [B]Changelog 11/17/2016 (Build 152)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Added option to My Pokemon UI to force transfer a Pokemon, even if it is ignored or protected.
    [*]New Feature: Reworked Map, it's faster and more responsive now.
    [*]New Feature: Reworked Pokemon Icons. Timers of how long a Pokemon is active is right under a Pokemon now.
    [*]New Feature: Added "Walk to Pokemon" if you interact with a Pokemon on the map.
    [*]New Feature: Added "Catch Pokemon" if you interact with a Pokemon on the map.
    [*]New Feature: Added "Walk to Pokestop" if you interact with a Pokestop on the map.
    [*]New Feature: Added "Loot Pokestop" if you interact with a Pokestop on the map.
    [*]New Feature: Added "Put Lure on Pokestop" if you interact with a Pokestop on the map.
    [*]Fixed: Changelog Forum Thread URL once you update the Bot.
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer does not crash anymore if you try to login with a locked account.
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer does not wait forever on a lured Pokestop anymore.
    [*]Fixed: Timer of Applied Incenses did not reset properly.
    [*]Fixed: Timer of Lucky Eggs did not reset properly.
    [B]Changelog 11/11/2016 (Build 151)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Pause settings do not mess up with UTC and local TimeZone anymore. It just works.
    [*]Fixed: My Pokemon UI does not longer auto-expand if you have it collapsed.
    [*]New Feature: Added a refresh button to refresh your list in My Pokemon UI that removes all strikeouts.
    [B]Changelog 11/10/2016 (Build 149)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Updated to support Pokemon GO 0.45 (latest update!)
    [B]Changelog 11/04/2016 (Build 148)[/B]
    [*]Changed: We have added more server resources to make Pokefarmer more stable.
    [B]Changelog 11/03/2016 (Build 147)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Stability and auto reconnect for IDLE issues.
    [B]Changelog 11/02/2016 (Build 146)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Stability and auto reconnect for IDLE issues.
    [B]Changelog 11/02/2016 (Build 145)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Once you receive a Captcha Pokefarmer opens a popup to solve that.
    [*]New Feature: Pokefarmer supports the Buddy Pokemon system now.
    [*]Changed: Stability issues and IDLE fixes. 
    [*]Changed: Removed Car support of speed settings.
    [B]Changelog 11/02/2016 (Build 143)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Stability issues fixed.
    [B]Changelog 11/01/2016 (Build 140)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Updated API to work with latest version again.
    [B]Changelog 09/19/2016 (Build 138)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Reworked My Pokemon UI
    [*]New Feature: Added UI for Egg Incubation Status
    [*]New Feature: Added setting 'Display walking radius circle in Map'
    [*]New Feature: Added setting 'Display recently caught Pokemon on startup'
    [*]New Feature: Added setting 'Display categories in My Pokemon UI'
    This update supports the minimum client version that the Pokemon GO Game server supports. 
    At this point we cannot say if it is safe or not. Please use the bot at your own risk, and be aware that your account may be flagged.
    We will be giving all activated keys during the past 48hrs 2 extra days on their keys. If your key was not activate (or expired before) the last 48hrs, you will not receive any extra time.
    [B]Changelog 09/15/2016 (Build 137)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Bug that detected the current Game version wrong.
    [*]New feature: Recently caught Pokemons UI
    [*]New feature: Inventory UI
    [*]New feature: Pokeball Strategy
    [*]New feature: Transfer Strategy
    [*]Fixed: Different grammar and text mistakes.
    [*]Fixed: Bot does automatically reconnect if something went wrong, up to five times.
    [*]Changed: Always prompt for login since a lot of users had issues when entering wrong password and automatically the bot would fail to connect unless you restart.
    [*]Changed: Bot does not auto update the position of the map anymore (for now), due to offsetting bugs in our closed BETA. Will be reworked soon.
    [*]Fixed: Various crashes and issues.
    [B]Changelog 08/01/2016[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer does not longer try to catch despawned Pokemons. (Pokemon(0) fled issue.)
    [*]Fixed: Pokemons are correctly despawned now.
    [*]Fixed: Player is aware of Pokemons that spawn while moving.
    [*]Fixed: Spamming Start & Stop Button does not crash bot anymore.
    [*]Fixed: UI is cleared after Pokefarmer has been stopped.
    [*]Fixed: Instant loading of last position on map.
    [*]Changed: Pokefarmer finds more Pokemons now.
    [*]Fixed: Connection issues with Map (firewall related) are displayed in UI now.
    [*]New feature: You can start Pokefarmer multiple times (copy folder first!) to bot multiple accounts on the same PC. You still need one license per Pokefarmer instance.
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer does not try to catch Pokemons anymore if we have no Pokeballs.
    [*]Fixed: Catching Strategy "Use best / Use lowest" Pokeball was swapped in logic.
    [*]Changed: Display Username of logged in account in Window Title to support easy multi botting.
    [*]Changed: Display percentage of current experience in UI.
    [B]Changelog 08/01/2016 #2[/B]
    [*]A lot of user experienced problems with Pokestops. Mostly this happened because of failuring network requests or heavy soft bans that are around now. Pokefarmer trys to constantly loot a Pokestop now and cooldown time is fixed so it finds the correct Pokestops to loot.
    [B]Changelog 08/01/2016 #3[/B]
    [*]Fixed "Not catching Pokemons anymore"
    [*]Fixed "Looting Pokestops"
    [*]Both issues were time zone related which explains that some users actually had these issues and some not.
    [B]Changelog 08/02/2016[/B]
    [*]Fixed: "Walking through Pokestops."
    [*]New feature: Show EXP/H in UI
    [*]New feature: Show Stardust/H in UI
    [*]New feature: Show what's going on in the new status panel at the bottom of the UI.
    [*]New feature: Recycle Items if Inventory is full and keep a user configurable amount.
    [B]Changelog 08/03/2016[/B]
    [*]New feature: Pokefarmer logs output and debug information to a log file.
    [*]New feature: Pokefarmer recognizes lured Pokemons now and catches them.
    [*]New feature: Pokefarmer recognizes incense Pokemons now and catches them.
    [*]New feature: Pokefarmer automatically repeats network requests that failed, due to server stability.
    [*]New feature: Timing of map loading lowered.
    [*]New feature: Try to recatch a Pokemon if it misses a Pokeball.
    [*]New feature: IV values are visible in UI now.
    [*]New feature: Using incense automatically now if possible and if it is activated in settings.
    [*]New feature: Using incubator automatically now if possible and if it is activated in settings.
    [*]Fixed: Endless loop if you are going out of Pokeballs while catching.
    [*]Changed: UI colors were inverted. Values are white now.
    [B]Changelog 08/03/2016 # 2 (Build 79)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Due to recent update the bot starts looting nearby Pokestops while it is catching.
    [B]Changelog 08/03/2016 # 3 (Build 81)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Bot is just IDLEing in some regions. It did now show any Pokestops around.
    [B]Changelog 08/07/2016[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Updated Bot for current version 0.31 of Pokemon GO.
    [*]New feature: Transfer with IV settings.
    [B]Changelog 08/07/2016[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Session expired bug.
    [B]Changelog 08/08/2016 (Build 86)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Issues with saving the wrong and using the wrong Transfering settings has been fixed.
    [*]Fixed: Bot stability improved.
    [B]Changelog 08/09/2016 (Build 89)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Do not end in an endless loop if a Pokemon did not transfer properly.
    Fixed: Calculate EXP was wrong if the player reaches a new level.
    Fixed: No more Pokemon CP (0) and IV (0) in UI.
    Changed: Showing EXP and EXP percentage now in UI again.
    Changed: Updated for recent Pokemon GO patch 0.33.
    New Feature: Amount of Caught Pokemons in UI
    New Feature: Option to recycle your inventory items immediately.
    New Feature: Set coordinates with a new input dialog.
    New Feature: "My Pokemon" UI
    New Feature: Evolve selected Pokemon in "My Pokemon" UI
    New Feature: Transfer selected Pokemon in "My Pokemon" UI
    New Feature: Bulk IV nickname selected Pokemon in "My Pokemon" UI
    New Feature: Protect favorite Pokemon from being transfered.
    New Feature: Option to use random throw accurancy.
    New Feature: Use Lucky Egg automatically if enabled.
    [B]Changelog 08/10/2016 (Build 90)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Added 43 new Pokemon icons.
    [*]New Feature: Download Pokemon in your area (experimental)
    [*]Changed: Pokestop Icon is now a blue half transparent circle. GYMs are red.
    [B]Changelog 08/11/2016 (Build 94)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Transfer all, but keep X of each with highest CP and IV
    [*]Fixed: Random Throw Accurancy works properly now.
    [*]Changed: Log files are saved as .txt files now.
    [*]New Feature: Sorting in "My Pokemon" UI enabled
    [*]New Feature: Selecting / Deselecting all rows in "My Pokemon" UI added
    [*]New Feature: Added 29 new Pokemon icons.
    [*]Changed: Reworked Map UI with given community feedback.
    [B]Changelog 08/12/2016 (Build 99)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Lured Pokestops are displayed in orange on the MAP now.
    [*]New Feature: If a new pokemon appears while running to a Pokestop, the Pokemon is getting caught.
    [*]New Feature: Stay near a lured Pokestop and wait there for new spawns.
    [*]Fixed: Random Pausing at Pokestop works now properly.
    [*]Must read for everyone: [URL]https://www.thebuddyforum.com/pokefarmer-forum/254100-official-current-situation-looting-fleeing-idle.html#post2250505[/URL]
    [B]Changelog 08/12/2016 (Build 101)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Updated distance to loot and catch Pokemon.
    [*]New Feature: Added security features to detect if your account is restricted from the Game Servers.
    [B]Changelog 08/13/2016 (Build 102)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Reduced sensitivity of auto ban detection.
    [B]Changelog 08/14/2016 (Build 103)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Improved usabiliy for some log messages.
    [*]Changed: Disabled using an incubator for now because of security reasons. This feature gets a rework and is back very soon.
    [*]New Feature: Stay in Radius of X metres from start location. (Settings -> General)
    [B]Changelog 08/15/2016 (Build 105)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Pokefarmer supports Proxy settings now.
    [*]New Feature: Pokefarmer has new security mechanism to protect yourself from getting banned.
    [B]Changelog 08/17/2016 (Build 106)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Added 47 new Pokemon icons.
    [*]New Feature: Filtering in My Pokemon UI
    [*]New Feature: Ascending / Descending sorting of columns in My Pokemon UI
    [*]New Feature: A lot of new columns with information added.
    [B]Changelog 08/17/2016 (Build 107)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Power up checked Pokemon in My Pokemon UI [COLOR=#ff0000][B]<-- Please offer 'max' power up button too. Where it uses all Stardust / Candies until maxxed or we run out[/B][/COLOR]
    [*]New Feature: Set Pokemon to favorite in My Pokemon UI
    [*]Changed: Maximizing Window of My Pokemon UI expands the list now.  [COLOR=#ff0000][B]<--- Thanks! <3 Kick[/B][/COLOR]
    [*]Fixed: Candies in My Pokemon UI are not always 0 anymore.
    [*]Security/Fixed: Nonstop spinning of Pokestops.
    [B]Changelog 08/19/2016 (Build 108)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Added all missing icons.
    [*]Fixed: Number of checked entries in My Pokemon UI is visible now.
    [B]Changelog 08/19/2016 (Build 109)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Disappearing of Pokemon with negative timestamps.
    [*]New Feature: Enabled multi selection in My Pokemon UI
    [*]Changed: Rows in My Pokemon UI has a larger height now.
    [*]Changed: Grid lines are visible in My Pokemon UI now.
    [*]Changed: Columns with number values in My Pokemon UI are right aligned now.
    [*]Security/Changed: Transfering takes now time and is not instant anymore.
    [*]Security/Changed: Recycling takes now time and is not instant anymore.
    [*]Security/Changed: Catching multiple Pokemon at once takes now time and is not instant anymore.
    [*]New Feature: Automatically receive level rewards now.
    [*]New Feature: Russian translation added.
    [*]New Feature: Spanish translation added.
    [*]New Feature: Turkish translation added.
    [*]Fixed: Gyrados candies are correct now.
    [B]Changelog 08/20/2016 (Build 110)[/B]
    [*]Login issues fixed.
    [B]Changelog 08/22/2016 (Build 111)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Despawning of Pokemon in wrong timezone.
    [B]Changelog 08/23/2016 (Build 115)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Pokefarmer internally uses UTC times and does not convert them to local time anymore to fix UTC offset issues. Thank you for contributing ChrisCser and chEEtaPL.
    [*]Changed: Pokefarmer waits now realistic and random time spans after Catching, Evolving, Looting, Powerup, Recycle, Rename, Favorizing, Transfering actions.
    [*]Changed: Moved "Stay at lured Pokestop" to new Pokestop settings.
    [*]Fixed: Powerup Pokemon does not display wrong data anymore in My Pokemon UI after powerup.
    [*]Fixed: Set Pokemon to favorite does not display wrong data anymore in My Pokemon UI after powerup.
    [*]Fixed: Bot actions that are enqueued from My Pokemon UI are executed properly now.
    [*]Fixed: Use Incubator works again.
    [*]New Feature: Automatically receive awarded badges now.
    [*]New Feature: Icons of Pokemon in Caught history now.
    [*]New Feature: Pokestop settings.
    [*]New Feature: Skip Pokestop if we have > X Pokeballs 
    [*]New Feature: Skip Pokestop if we have looted X Pokestop in last Hour
    [*]New Feature: Ignore Pokemon list in Catching settings
    [*]New Feature: Prioritize rare Pokemon in General settings
    [*]New Feature: Use highest Pokeball for rare Pokemon in Catching settings
    [*]New Feature: Rare Pokemon settings. You can setup and change which Pokemon to prioritize.
    [B]Changelog 08/26/2016 (Build 117)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Major changes to API
    [*]Fixed: All active lured Pokestops are visible now.
    [*]New Feature: Device Info in Settings
    [*]New Feature: Altitude in Set Location is available now.
    [*][URL="https://www.thebuddyforum.com/pokefarmer-forum/263351-response-recent-bans-additional-update-notes-pokefarmer-1-177-a.html#post2273240"] --> and some detailed notes about the update are here.[/URL]
    [B]Changelog 08/27/2016 (Build 120)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Bot keeps now X Pokemon while it is transferring based on CP and IV.
    [*]Fixed: Altitude setting does not jump radically anymore.
    [*]Fixed: Bot uses correct Pokeball hierarchy now in case of running out of Pokeballs.
    [*]Fixed: Minor different Bugs
    [*]Fixed: Minor API issues
    [*]Updated: Traditional Chinese Translation file
    [*]New Feature: German Translation
    [B]Changelog 08/31/2016 (Build 122)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Troubleshooting of Authentication Issues
    [*]Fixed: Minor API issues
    [B]Changelog 08/31/2016 (Build 126)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Chinese Translation File
    [*]New Feature: French Translation
    [*]New Feature: Dutch Translation
    [*]Fixed: Bot keeps now the correct amount of X Pokemon while it is transferring based on CP and IV.
    [*]Fixed: PTC Login with special symbols in your username.
    [*]Fixed: Maximum length of characters when renaming a Pokemon.
    [B]Changelog 09/06/2016 (Build 128)[/B]
    [*]Changed: Pokefarmer completly changed to UTC times.
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer supports hatching eggs now properly.
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer supports receiving medals now properly.
    [*]Fixed: Expired Pokemon bug.
    [*]API: The complete kernel of Pokefarmer was changed. It fully supports the complete Game API including Heartbeats and multiple Request Envelopes.
    [*]Fixed: Minor bug fixes.
    [B]Changelog 09/07/2016 (Build 129, 131)[/B]
    [*]Hotfix: Looting of Pokestop failed.
    [*]Hotfix: Pokefarmer does wait again after missing a Pokemon catch try.
    [B]Changelog 09/07/2016 (Build 132)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Wrong timestamps in location updates that were causing the Pokestop issue after 15 minutes.
    [B]Changelog 09/09/2016 (Build 133)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Minor API mistakes.
    [B]Changelog 09/12/2016 (Build 134, 135)[/B]
    [*]Fixed: Always ignore everything that is on ignored Pokemon list (even rares).
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer does not transfer any ignored or favorite Pokemon anymore while using the manual transfer.
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer does not recycle immediately anymore if not checked in settings.
    [*]Fixed: Pokefarmer does not display wrong pause time anymore.
    [*]Changed: Pokefarmer displays the recent caught Pokemon after restarting now.
    [*]New Feature: Pokefarmer supports Razzberry Strategies now.
    [B]Changelog 09/13/2016 (Build 136)[/B]
    [*]New Feature: Pokefarmer displays now a transparent circle of your active walking radius.
    [*]Fixed: Under certain circumstances Pokefarmer did not prioritize rare Pokemon.
    [*]Fixed: Minor API issues.
    [*]Fixed: Looting Pokestop does not fail anymore if your inventory is full.
    [*]New Feature: Display Movesets (Attacks) in My Pokemon UI
    [*]New Feature: Display Pokemon Types in My Pokemon UI
    [*]New Feature: Display Candies To Evolve in My Pokemon UI
    [*]New Feature: Display Candies To Powerup in My Pokemon UI
    [*]New Feature: Display maximum possible CP value for a Pokemon at current trainer leve and at level 40.
    [*]New Feature: Display all possible Evolutions of a given Pokemon in My Pokemon UI
    [*]New Feature: Display Pokemon Origin (Lure, Map, Egg, Evolve) in My Pokemon UI
    [*]New Feature: Added Brazil (Portuguese) language.

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  2. CAcove

    CAcove Moderator

    Dec 14, 2014
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    HatchingEggy - Today at 3:15 PM
    Dear @everyone,

    Pokefarmer and Lazymon are in the process of being updated to a new version.

    I have to admit that we stepped into a trap with Build 170. (GG Niantic!)

    We updated in the middle of an ongoing "ban-wave" and server issues from Niantic and this caused a lot of false positives and assumptions of what is going on however a few moments later we published an updated Build .171 which with a bit of time seems to have fixed the issue.

    Pokefarmer is stable and runs smoothly which is fine. It's verified that our API implementation is working well and implements it correctly.

    All other developers we know are already informed to fix their code to avoid the trap that we've stepped into. That trap I am talking about is what caused massive captchas.

    A side note for developers: Niantic still has the old API opened and I highly recommend to not use it as it'll flag your account to get banned.

    So, what did change in this update for Pokefarmer and Lazymon?
    Besides a single label that shows the current supported API there are no new features
    or fixes in Pokefarmer or Lazymon. All changes are under the hood to guarantee stability and the latest API features.

    It's time to document our findings and to pick up our usual work. Lazymon and Pokefarmer updates continue on Sunday/Monday.

    Thank you for being patient and helping each other.

    P.S.: We're extending all Pokefarmer, Lazymon and Hashing Keys to add another day as we were ready 23 hours after that forced version change.


    P.P.S We truly are sorry for any users that may have been caught in the Niantic trap, we thank you for continuing to have faith and trust in us.
  3. iCKR

    iCKR Moderator

    Jun 12, 2012
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    Build .185 is up and supports the latest API.
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