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    Discussion in 'Archives' started by Hawker, Sep 10, 2012.

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    1. Hawker

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      Jan 15, 2010
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      [size=+2]This tool is outdated! Please do not use it.[/size]

      Instead, you should be downloading the 'installer' for the particular Buddy bot. You can find the installers here:

      The 'installer' will identify any missing, or out-of-date dependencies, and install them for you.

      • Your Windows must be completely patched for the installer to work.
        Run Windows Update, and keep running it, until there are no more patches to apply. This may require rebooting your machine several times.
        For example, Win7 must have SP1 installed and all subsequent patch updates.

      • You must run the installer with Windows 'administrator' privileges.
        Right-click on the installer → "Run as administrator"​

      • The installer must be an exception to your AntiVirus.

      • The directory in which you install the Buddy bot must be an exception to your AntiVirus.

      [size=-2]Original post:[/size]
      Mastahg made this little utility that installs:
      • the correct .NET version,
      • the correct C++ runtime,
      • other needed Buddy product dependencies.

      If you are having any problems, please download this tool:
      ...and run this with Windows administrative privileges:
      Right-click on the icon
      → "Run as administrator"​
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