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  • {Question} Has anyone worked on a bot to farm rifts in public game ?

    Discussion in 'Community Developer Forum' started by Moana, Feb 3, 2016.

    1. Moana

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      Jan 30, 2016
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      I know it may sound kind of silly but a bot that would play in public games would be quite useful for me (working from home, got multiple PC and screens, can unstuck easily if needed). So before heading to visual studio, i was wondering if anyone else actually worked on this or if anyone would be interrested ?

      Core features would be based on actual fighting mechanics with a few changes :
      - Stop trying to loot stuff on the ground that doesnt belong to you
      - Implement some kind of pause between launching a new rifts
      - Try to stack Magic item buff by staying near active people.

      What do you guys think of it ?

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