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  • Question regarding features

    Discussion in 'Lazymon Forum' started by Field, Feb 22, 2017.

    1. Field

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      Feb 22, 2017
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      I'm wondering if there is a list of features that have yet to be implemented that would keep me from solely using this program to play the game without any interaction with my phone? Trying to gauge how much time I can actually invest in the game while in this program without having to wait all the time and switch back to my phone while I'm unable to be out and about. I'd happily drop the 27 bucks to buy this if it is pretty feature complete.

      For example if I can't use revives or potions or evolve my pokemon things like this. Stuff like that would force me to play in pretty strict intervals since I'm forced to go back to my phone to do certain things and to avoid bans I'd have to wait decent chunks of time before opening the app legitimately.

      I appreciate the time taken to respond.

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