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  • RebornBuddy not launching

    Discussion in 'Rebornbuddy Forum' started by Mykettle, Dec 31, 2013.

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      Heya, love the work you've been doing for FFXIV!

      I just purchased a key for RebornBuddy. When I extracted the program from the download link I put in my key for the first time then after a few seconds I receive this

      Any other time trying to enter my key it does nothing but refresh the login box. I've updated Windows and my Framework 4.0 and everything that I know of that needs updating but to no avail.

      Attaching two logs to this post. The first log is the CLR20r3 error, the second log is the login box constantly refreshing.

      View attachment 3712 2014-01-01 00.32.txt
      View attachment 5884 2014-01-01 00.33.txt


      Edit: Weird, I tried opening the bot again with two instances and it seemed to work then, and is now working out of the blue with just a single instance. Oh well hopefully the logs can still provide some usefulness.

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