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  • [Reminder] Asking for Support/Reporting a bug/Posting Video

    Discussion in 'Honorbuddy Support' started by bambam922, Oct 10, 2012.

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      WHAT to post for help

      When asking for help, please be very specific with your problem description. For example,

      "When running Botanist's Pangaea profile in Hellfire Peninsula, it kills mobs and interacts with them to loot; however, the toon never loots the dead mob. Instead, it closes the interaction window and immediately moves on."

      All bug report posts must contain your full log file attached.
      • If the log is too big, zip it.
      • Make certain that the log file you are attaching demonstrates the problem
        Do not guess at which log file is correct ==> Find the right log file (based on the date/time stamp) and attach it.
      • Do not post all the log files you find in your Honorbuddy/Logs/ directory

      Problem reports without a specific and precise description of the problem, or without a full log attached, will be ignored or deleted.

      WHERE to post for help

      For RELEASED versions of Honorbuddy, use:

      For BETA versions of Honorbuddy, use:

      Things to try before you post for help:

      Posting videos

      So here are the requirements.
      First and foremost, we need a log posted as an attachment. The videos are great, but we need diagnostic information from the logs.
      I think that it is very beneficial to have a log, and a video accompanying it, so we can actually see what's happening.
      Be sure to know which log goes with which video for accuracy.

      Secondly, we request that bug videos uploaded to YouTube be uploaded as a private or unlisted video.
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