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    Discussion in 'Community Developer Forum' started by t1ger, Apr 28, 2019.

    1. t1ger

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      Feb 13, 2019
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      So I could imagine this problem occurs especially with DH. I play grenadies UE w dantes and I got problem in "maze" maps and sometimes even in entrances when bot stucks shooting mobs either thru wall/door/entrance. Now I have noticed there is "stuck" script what gets you out if you are stuck BUT this same script is not launching when you have stood example 5min shooting walls. Could we have either this integrated like this or similiar: If standing still over X minutes launch stuck script. Now i know there might come problems if you intiate full stuck script as is especially with hardcore players like myself so maybe just: move all directions with attack move script? restart if still standing and shooting after Y. X minutes would me slider with this whole option with ON/OFF

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