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  • [Request] Plugin/script to "return" and repair every 1 hour.

    Discussion in 'Plugins' started by ospeff, Oct 9, 2015.

    1. ospeff

      ospeff New Member

      Oct 5, 2015
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      So I'm using FateStayTelepor w/ light patrol and repear for repairing purposes and it works fine most of the time but sometimes it gets stuck, which wastes alot of time if I don't catch it early. I think it's due to light patrol putting me in random weird positions as it walks around grinding mobs.

      What I want to do is have a simpler plugin than repear:

      Trigger every 60 minutes (or whatever time interval):
      Cast Return Spell
      Walk to repair NPC which is located near the return crystal
      Resume FateBot/FateStayTeleport

      Upon resuming FateBot with the FateStayTeleport plugin, it would just resume as regular, teleporting me back to a level-appropriate zone and resuming FateBot grind.
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