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  • Request: Respec addon

    Discussion in 'Requests & Discussion' started by inspyr23, Jan 21, 2016.

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      Oct 18, 2014
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      Afternoon Community!

      New season is here and I'm sure some of you are loving the Solo GR pushing and Team GR Pushing because i certainly am!

      But there is a problem, and it's annoying!!! Every time i want to Solo GR i need to swap gear & skills... I wish they adpoted the dual spec like in wow into D3!

      How ever.... it isn't so i would love to suggest a Duel Spec addon for D3, obviously it wont swap out your GEMS etc you would need to do that yourself but I wouldnt think it would be that hard to make an addon that you can save build's?

      Example Concept;

      Build 1:
      HEAD: Item A
      SHOULDER: Item A
      CHEST: Item A
      Skills and Passive: SET A

      Build 2:
      HEAD: Item A
      SHOULDER: Item B
      CHEST: Item B
      Skills and Passive: SET B

      If a developer wants to take this on and feels they can complete such a addon i would be willing to donate $ to them for a working product!


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