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  • [REQUEST] Stop everything on mouse down!

    Discussion in 'Demonbuddy Forum' started by deusx, May 29, 2013.

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      Feb 1, 2010
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      Ok this should not be too hard to make, and it should be very useful to many people using DB

      Scenario: Botting in public game group, clearing elites to get 5 stacks for uber bosses or just keys, using DB for rotation, and me manually moving/chatting

      : Bot gets stucked in combat with random trash mobs and refuses to stop attacking them even if i REALLY need to disengage and leftclick ground away like a mad man (one of party members engaged an elite, i need to tp to town and use his banner). My group runs trough small camps of mobs ignoring them searching for elites, and i always end up way way behind fighting trash (and being i am kinda a little undergered, it takes me a while) so i get a lot of "dude WTF" and stuff. Currently solving that by tabbing to bot and stopping/starting it manually, but that is way too much inefficient

      : Plugin that will stop everything bot is doing when left mouse is down. Weather user wants to move away, or attack a different mob, when bot detects user pressed down left mouse, it pauses everything and resumes when mouse is up again

      as i mentioned earlier, this should not be too hard to make, gonna try and make it myself also, but my prob is i have no idea how to detect mouse down event :D

      Thanks in advance

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